Finally, the Apple Watch could get its official Spotify app at WWDC

Apple Music won't be the only streaming option
Spotify may be headed to Apple Watch
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The Apple Watch might be about to get an official Spotify app, which will reportedly get its reveal at WWDC 2018.

MacRumors says one of its anonymous tipsters informed the site that Spotify will be at Apple's June event to announce the smartwatch app. This will supposedly demonstrate a component of the watchOS 5 framework called StreamKit, which will let cellular Apple Watch models receive push notifications and stream music from third-party apps, without a paired iPhone.

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Now, we have reasons to believe this report is true. If you cast your mind back to almost a year ago, we reported that Spotify was working on an official Apple Watch app, as revealed by one of its new hires, Andrew Chang. Chang had built a third-party Spotify app for the smartwatch called Snowy, which let users download music to listen offline without a paired phone. Spotify then hired Chang, who revealed on Reddit that he'd been brought aboard to work on an official app.

"While I can't give any estimates as to when it'll be available, you can rest assured that a Spotify Apple Watch companion app is in the pipeline," he wrote at the time.

Right now, Apple Watch users have the option of either syncing offline playlists or, if they have the Series 3, streaming Apple Music when untethered from the phone. But Spotify has a significantly higher number of users; there were 70 million paid Spotify subscribers as of February this year, while Apple Music had 36 million.

Apple Music's subscriber base is growing at a faster rate in the US, but still there's a massive number of people Apple could tempt over to the Watch should Spotify be made available. Especially considering the Series 3 is selling so well right now.

Spotify could be coming to the Apple Watch soon