The Apple Watch Series 4 has leaked: Larger display, busy new face and more

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Apple Watch 4 leaked
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Apple recently announced that it would have a special event on 12 September to announce some new stuff. Stuff we expect will include new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4. But while we thought we'd have to wait weeks to see the new Apple Watch, we only had to wait hours.

That's because 9to5Mac has gone and leaked the Series 4. Some things are glaringly obvious from a first glance, like that bigger new display and thinner bezels. 9to5Mac says both 38mm and 42mm will have about 15% larger displays with about the same case size.

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Second, there's that busy new watch face. This new analog watch face features eight complications. Some of these complications are brand new, like the Ultraviolet Index complication on the bottom left. There also seems to be a new temperature complication in the same style in the upper right. The globe appears to be a new complication, perhaps tied to some of Apple's astronomical faces.

The rest of the complications are familiar, including the timer, activity, music, calendar and sunrise/sunset. But another familiar aspect has gotten a slight tweak: The red dot on the cellular Series 3 has now turned into a more subtle red circle. There's also a new hole in between the side button and Digital Crown, likely a new microphone for Siri to better hear you.

The new watch face is likely Apple attempting to take advantage of the larger screen real estate, and it's more than possible that Apple has also designed a number of other new watch faces to do the same.

The rest of the Series 4 looks largely unchanged from the Series 3. It appears to use the same bands, and while it looks like it could be thinner than the Series 3 it's difficult to know for sure until we see some actual measurements. There's still much to learn about the Series 4, but there's not long until 12 September.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has leaked: Larger display, busy new watch face and more

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