Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Essential guide to the run-friendly smartwatch

Everything you need to know about Nike's take on the Watch Series 2
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Along with the the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple unveiled a special Nike+ edition of the new smartwatch.

Apple has teamed up with the sports giant to give its smartwatch more of a focus on running, tweaking the strap and software to make it easier for runners to strap it on and put the built-in GPS to the test.

Update: We've now published our Apple Watch Nike+ review

We're yet to put the Apple Watch Nike+ edition through its paces, but until then here's a lowdown on what you can expect from the special edition of Apple's new smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Design

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Essential guide to the run-friendly smartwatch

On the face of it, the Nike+ Edition looks like a simple paint job, but there's a little more to it. You do still get all the same Series 2 Watch features including built-in GPS and a waterproof design (up to 50 metres). It's available in 38mm and 42mm watch case options, but it also comes with a band that's made of the same elastomer material found in the Apple Watch Sport band.

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Apple worked with Nike to design the strap, which features a perforated finish that will apparently make it more durable and offer a more breathable fit when you're getting a sweat on. It also looks a lot like the strap that Nike used on its Nike+ SportWatch, made with TomTom many moons ago. Like the standard Watch, you can change the straps out in the same way as you could on the first Apple Watch. However there's bad news if you're hoping to get one of the straps for your current Apple Watch - Apple has confirmed they will only be sold with the watch and not available separately.

The Nike+ Watch is going to be available in four different case and band combos. There's a space grey aluminium case with either a black and neon yellow band, or a black and grey band. There's also a silver aluminium case that comes in either a silver/white band combo or a silver and neon yellow option. Basically, if you want something that's bright and sporty, you're well catered for here.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Watch faces

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Essential guide to the run-friendly smartwatch

While watchOS 3 will be running the show, Nike does puts its own spin on the proceedings. In the watch face department, you'll be able to select from two Nike themed watch faces that includes a Watch complication which will directly launch the Nike+ Run Club app. These watch faces are only going to be available on the Nike+ edition.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: The apps

Speaking of apps, the Run Club Watch Watch app will come pre-installed and will offer all the usual features like tracking your runs, viewing running history and getting reminders when friends have shared activities.

Unlike the exclusive watch faces, you can download the Run Club app to any of the new Apple Watch smartwatches.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+: Price and release date

The Nike+ Watch went on sale on 28 October, and the good news is that whatever design you go for, the prices will be the same as the regular Series 2.

It's for the 38mm version, which jumps up to for the 42m one.

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