Apple MagSafe Duo is coming to fill that AirPower void in your life

Wireless charging pad for your Apple Watch and iPhone could be nearing on the horizon
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Apple's MagSafe Duo charging pad, which is capable of wirelessly powering up an Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time, could be nearing launch.

The device has been spotted getting certified in Korea via the country's National Radio Research Agency compliance test, which may be a strong indication that its arrival is imminent.

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The wireless charging setup was announced alongside the unveiling of the iPhone 12 back in September. Apple also showed off a MagSafe charger designed just for the iPhone, which is already available to buy. For anyone that owns both phone and Watch though, it's the Duo that you're likely more interested in.

Apple hasn't disclosed pricing of the MagSafe Duo, though it's highly likely to be pricier than the it costs to pick up the iPhone-only MagSafe charger.

Its arrival will no doubt be warmly welcomed, especially after Apple cancelled the launch of its AirPower charging mat that promised to charge iPhone, Watch and AirPods at the same time.

Unveiled back in 2017, the charging mat experienced a series of delays with reports that the setup was overheating due to charging coils sitting too close to each other.

Apple MagSafe Duo is coming to fill that AirPower void in your life

Apple AirPower was officially cancelled in 2019, two years after its unveiling

Dan Riccio, Apple's SVP of hardware engineering then confirmed the project's cancellation, saying it simply didn't meet Apple's own product standards.

So it's ditched the AirPods charging support for now and moved to a technology that has been used in Apple's MacBooks chargers before it moved to the USB-C charging standard.

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MagSafe uses magnets built around a Qi charging coil that can already be found inside a host of existing wireless charging setups.

Those magnets can help correctly align your Apple device on the charger to ensure it charges properly. It's also capable of offering faster charging rates than QI-based wireless chargers, making it all that more appealing to own.

As we've said, Apple has yet to talk price or a MagSafe Duo launch date. We do know that Apple has its 'One More Thing' event scheduled in for 10 November where it's expected to show off a few more new devices.

This latest piece of evidence suggests we could be edging closer to a life where it's a lot easier to charge your Apple Watch Series 6 and your iPhone together at the same time.

Via: MacRumors

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