Apple launches 2021 Pride Edition band and watch face

Special Pride Braided Solo Loop looks superb
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Apple has launched its annual Pride Edition band and watch face, and this year is something special.

The company is outspoken in its support for LGBTQ+ causes, and has launched special Apple Watch bands and watch faces every year since 2016. It started just for employees, but has quickly evolved into an annual tradition.

And this year’s bands may be the best yet.

The Braided Solo Loop band brings together the original rainbow colors of the Pride movement, with black and brown symbolizing Black and Latinx communities and light blue, pink, and white for transgender and non-binary individuals.

It’s a stunning use of the new Solo style band that was introduced alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 last September – and it costs .


The Braided Solo Pride band for 2021 and new watch face

And there’s a new Nike Pride band with the rainbow colors hewn from reflective yarn, that doubles as a safety aid for night time workouts. It’s more affordable at .

And there’s new Pride Edition watch faces too, which any Apple Watch user can download. The latest watch face embraces the design of the Braided Solo band, using the extra colors, which infinitely scroll and animate with a wrist raise.

It’s not available now, so don’t go checking your Apple Watch immediately, but it will likely land in the next Apple watchOS update (Apple hasn’t specified which one/when).

Tip: Don’t forget that when you choose the Pride watch face from your library, you can force press to scroll through previous editions going back to 2018.

The bands mark part of Apple’s financial support for a wide range of LGBTQ+ advocacy organisations, so while they aren’t cheap, they’re raising money for excellent causes.

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