Movano Evie Ring to launch 20 November

Women-focused smart ring close to release
Wareable Evie ring
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Update: Read our Evie Ring hands on review ahead of our full testing.

Movano has announced that its Evie smart ring for women will be available to order on 20 November.

The company has kept us waiting all year on its smart ring, and the date has been pushed back a couple of times already.

The fact that Movano has set a date for launch is also a sign that the FCC has cleared its heart rate technology. Avid readers of Wareable will know that Movano has its sights set on the Evie Ring being a medical device. That means that it has sought clearance for every aspect and metric, including heart rate and SpO2 readings.

In a LinkedIn post, a company spokesperson wrote:

“Save the date! On November 20th, you can order your Evie Ring exclusively at Thank you for supporting our mission to empower women to take control of their health. We’re thrilled to start this exciting next chapter with you.”

The Evie Ring is set to cost $269 and has no monthly fees attached. That makes it an enticing alternative to Oura – and has the draw that it’s solely aimed at women.

But to date we've seen precious little of how the company will tailor its metrics at women.


“There were a number of reasons why we felt that that was the right thing to do. First off, we think women have been grossly underserved by the wearable market today. We feel like a lot of the products look like they were designed initially for men, John Mastoratoro told Wareable back in 2022

We’re eager to get our review started and see how Movano can build on women’s health via its smart ring – and if it can offer a true alternative to Oura.

Watch this space.

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