The best Moto 360 watch faces

Switch up your smartwatch style with one of these circular watch faces
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We have compiled a terrific selection of Android Wear watch faces you can download right now, many of them compatible with the circular display on both the first Moto 360 and the recently launched Moto 360 2. Here's a few extra special ones we think work especially well.

Essential reading: The best Android Wear watch faces

Some of these watch faces are interactive, too, taking full advantage of the latest Android Wear update. Look out for Motorola's own live dials too.

Check out our round-up of the best watch faces for the Moto 360 and let us know your favourite in the comments below.



We love ustwo's Android Wear faces including this one, Bits. You can add interactive elements including calendar events, steps, weather and new email to the range of slick, modern watch face designs. You can also launch apps straight from the complications.

Free, Google Play

HuskyDev Active Weather


This popular round watch face has custom background animations for all weathers and neat complications for things like battery level, step count as well as temperature and wind speeds. The Moto 360 isn't the obvious choice for active types but with the right watch face, it's as handy as any of it rivals.

, Google Play

Cool Circle


If you want your interactive info just visible, try Cool Circle which keeps the overall aesthetic of a traditional watch face and dots complications like alarms, battery, date, Keep and daily steps around the design.

Free, Google Play

Lulu Frost


So you've picked the gold-plated Moto 360 2 with women friendly 'lugs' and a pale pink strap, you need something pretty pretty to complete the look. The background gradient changes throughout the day and 'digital jewels' add sparkle to your smartwatch.

Free, Google Play



Alongside telling the time, this educational watch face also displays the current position of the planets in our solar system. It looks great, with smooth animations and a clever comet racing around the outside acting as the seconds hand. If you love space, this is for you.

Free, Google Play

Military Digital Watch Face


Now, this is one you can laud over your square watch toting chums, as it's exclusive to circular display Android Wear watches. It also packs a great amount of information onto your wrist, including a readout of your daily steps, compass and battery levels for both your phone and watch, along with the obvious time and date indicators.

, Google Play

Speeds Pro Watch Face


The Moto 360 is already one of the sleekest and sexiest smartwatches you can buy, but that can be cranked up even further with this classy watch face. It's easy to read and clean in design, with a good selection of customisation options to boot. For instance, you can alter the info shown in the centre to detail your daily step count, the weather or even act as a compass.

, Google Play

Pujie Black


Customisation is key here, so you can alter everything from the colours, to what hands you see and even add in additional elements. You can keep track of your battery, both that of your smartphone and watch, plus always have an eye on the weather. Boasting design credentials that stack up well against even Moto's pre-installed faces, this is definitely worth the download.

, Google Play

Beautiful Weather


If you want the weather on your wrist, this is the prettiest way to get it. Along with showing you whether you can leave that coat at home or pick up an umbrella, it keeps you updated with battery level, the date and, of course, the time. The background can be customised to your liking, either with one of the preset wallpapers or something a little more personal from your photo library.

Free, Google Play



If you're always on the lockout for the perfect wave, Surfline is the watch face for you. It uses live data from the team's experts to ensure you always know what the surf conditions are like in your location by keeping you updated with vital stats including wind speed and direction to the tide time. It looks pretty rad too, especially on the circular display of the Moto 360.

Free, Google Play

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