Sony confirms no Android Wear 2.0 update for SmartWatch 3 owners

Petition to bring Wear 2.0 to the smartwatch has 4,000 signatures
Sony: No Wear 2.0 for SmartWatch 3

Bad news SmartWatch 3 owners. You're definitely not getting in on the Android Wear 2.0 action. "SmartWatch 3 will not be upgraded to Android Wear 2.0 as after evaluation, we found the current operating system version delivered the most consistent and stable experience," a company spokesperson has told us.

Unhappy Sony SmartWatch 3 owners have been signing a petition this month in a bid to bring Android Wear 2.0 to the sporty smartwatch.

After the official unveil, we found out when older devices would also get the Wear 2.0 treatment and disappointingly for some, the Sony SmartWatch 3 was one of the few devices not to be included on the long list.

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We asked Sony for more detail on the reason behind the decision after rumours that the processor wouldn't be able to handle 2.0. A rep sent us this explanation which does suggest the ageing hardware is to blame: "The device platform provided the most consistent user experience on the current operating system version."

Sony also acknowledged that the SmartWatch 3 is a pretty old device: "Overall we aim to support premium range devices with the latest Android and maintenance updates for eighteen months after the device has launched."

No Android Pay

The third generation Sony smartwatch was named alongside the Samsung Gear Live, original Moto 360 and LG G Watch as the devices that won't get the update. That means these watches won't benefit from the standalone apps or having access to the Google Play Store from their wrist. Two of those watches originally launched with the OS so it's perhaps not all that surprising they are not being supported.

Particularly annoying for SmartWatch 3 owners is the fact that the smartwatch has NFC onboard but existing users won't be able to use Android Pay. We asked Sony specifically about payments but got a no comment on "future roadmaps."

Clearly not a lot of people are happy about this situation and one in particular, a certain David Ramírez-Piscina, has set up a petition on Simply titled, We want Android Wear 2 on Sony smartwatch 3, it now has over 4,000 signatures in the hope that Sony and Google will take notice and give SmartWatch 3 owners what they want.

The SmartWatch 3 launched back in 2014 and aside from an all-metal design makeover, we've yet to see a successor to the GPS-packing Android Wear smartwatch. Rumours still persist that we could yet see a Sony SmartWatch 4, maybe even at this month's Mobile World Congress, but as more time passes it's looking increasingly more unlikely.

sony smartwatch 3 android wear 2.0 update

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  • Notch says:

    I have just purchased a Sony smartwatch 3.

    I really like the watch so far, but I feel the update should be available to all compatible watches.

    Come on Sony I'm old enough to remember when you were the kings of technology and innovation, don't let us down, all who have kept faith in your products. 

  • Cynic says:

    this is typical of Sony, betamax, minidisk and now smart watch 3 they launch another, beautiful design, play with it for a while then lose interest and move onto the next new thing so, yes I support the petition but I don't hold out much hope. Maybe they should reflect on the fact that, little by little they are losing support, brand loyalty requires loyalty to customers too.

  • Xarra says:

    Keep alive Sony Smartwatch 3 !!!!!!!!

  • pawces says:


  • andrewia says:

    The worst part is that the Smartwatch 3 is one of the few watches that has NFC.  I bought the Smartwatch 3 because it looked the most "future-proof" thanks to its Wi-Fi radio (which was thankfully enabled) and NFC (which will never be used).  

  • andrewia says:

    I was really hoping the Smartwatch 3 would get an update so we could finally use its NFC coil for Android Pay, but it looks like Broadcom finally stopped updating their ancient processor.  There is some hope for updating the Smartwatch 3 to Wear 2.0 unofficially, and NFC has already been enabled thanks to a clever developer, but a full update will be very difficult to accomplish.  Then again, biktor_gj managed to port Android Wear to the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear S, so it's definitely doable.  

  • pimpam says:

  • mattjenkins126 says:

    Really disappointed. This is such a great product. Maybe we can install wear 2.0 manually!!

  • newbpwnr says:

    put your money where your mouth is. do not give this company another dime.

  • danholle says:

    Instead of protecting consumer investment, Android Wear is taking the opposite path.  My trust in both was misplaced.  Goodbye, Sony.  Goodbye, Android Wear.

  • Benmelling says:

    looks like I'll be getting a gear s3 this year 

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