Michael Kors introduces new chatbot to guide users through smartwatch troubles

If there's something strange under the smartwatch hood, who you gonna call?
Michael Kors chatbot will help new users
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After announcing fresh colours for its Spring 2018 collection, Michael Kors has now doubled down and unveiled a new chatbot for its smartwatches.

The new bit of software is currently available through Facebook's Messenger and Google Assistant to those with the women's variant of the company's Android Wear watch collection, the Michael Kors Access Sofie.

The bot aims to walk users through its range of features. So if you're struggling to set up the watch or are having trouble pairing it with your phone, for example, the chatbot is able to guide you by providing tips.

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It's not purely instructional, either, as the bot is able to channel some style suggestions that are curated with the help of the wearer's input. Different bands available for the smartwatch are also brought to the attention of the user. And handily, for those who don't have the Access Sofie on their wrist, anybody can explore the device's different styles and find a route to purchasing it, whether that's through the nearest store or online.

In order to activate the chatbot through Messenger, you can either scan the QR code on the watch face, hit up the "Message Us" tab on the company's Facebook page or simply search Michael Kors within Messenger App. And if you're working through Google Assistant, you can access the chatbot by searching the "Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Chat" through the Google Assistant app or tapping into its voice capabilities.

Much like with the micro-apps we saw come to Michael Kors devices through the Access Sofie and Access Grayson (the men's variant) last year, it's nice to see the brand offer a unique piece of software. This time to help users quickly get to grips with their new Android Wear smartwatch.

Michael Kors introduces new chatbot to guide users through smartwatch troubles