LG G Watch: not as irritating as it once was

Firmware update should mean an end to the corrosion issues
LG G Watch gets update for irritation issue
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Following complaints from G Watch users regarding a corrosive build up on the charging pins, LG has pushed out a software update to rectify the issue.

The problem is said to have arisen when sweat from a user's wrist mixed with the constant electrical current of the pins on the rear of the G Watch, causing galvanic corrosion.

This meant some G Watch owners couldn't charge their Android Wear smartwatch and, in some cases, users reported skin irritation problems as well.

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The update stops the pins from packing a current when the charging dock is not attached. A Google spokesperson confirmed with Android Police:

"Recently it has come to our attention that a small number of G Watch devices have been reported to have developed discolouration and residue build-up on the terminal pins located on the back. While completely safe and unlikely to affect charging, LG will be rolling out a maintenance release over the next few days that will disable the current when the G Watch is not in the charging dock."

It makes you wonder why the pins had a current running through them when not charging in the first place.

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This isn't the only instance of wearable tech causing skin irritation, of course. Some Jawbone and Nike FuelBand wearers have complained about sores or rashes on online forums, and Fitbit famously took its Force band off the market following a large number of skin irritation complaints.