Glofaster smart jacket revamped: on-sale next month

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The Glofaster sports jacket, which lights up to tell a runner to speed up and slow down, is going on sale next month.

The sportswear range, which was featured on Dragon’s Den earlier this year, has been completely redesigned and the company’s founder Simon Weatherall told Wareable that the product is unrecognisable to the one that was ultimately rejected by the BBC show panel.

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“We're aiming for launch of the website for 1 September and we're going to take pre-orders from that date with a good wind,” explained Weatherall.

“We're just refining the technology now. It's all coming together. It's taken some time because it's quite a tricky product. It's completely different to what it used to be.”

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Talking about the Dragon’s Den rejection, Weatherall was upbeat that the revamped range would be a commercial success.

“It’s designed by the same guys that do the Team Sky stuff,” he told us. “It's made in the UK and we've got some good people behind it. The technology has been refined down to the same size as the one as the England rugby team use. It's really come together. The light lay outs are different now."

The lights he’s referring to are the removable strips that connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and, using the companion app, light up depending on the settings you’ve applied for heart rate, location and pace. They can also be set to light up in time with your music while you run.

“We're going to do more about getting you training in the zone,” said Weatherall. “That's our whole message. Whatever that means to you, whether that's yoga or meditating or it's running at the right pace so that you're heart rate is at the right training level.”

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