Google Wear OS update introduces Bitmoji watch faces and Google Keep Tile

Google continues to improve the on-wrist experience
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Google has introduced a couple of minor but noteworthy improvements to Wear OS, as part of the company's September software rollout across its range of devices.

As detailed in a new blog post, users will soon be able to enjoy a Google Keep Tile and also bring Bitmoji avatars to their watch faces.

The former, we think, is probably the more significant addition.

Tiles have been a huge plus point for the platform over the last few years, and adding support for a Google Keep Tile allows users to quickly dictate a note or list directly from the Wear OS watch.

Perhaps even better, however, is that existing checklists can also be managed from the wrist.

That's ideal for those who like to use Google Keep on their phone or tablet but don't want to have to pull out either of those devices just to check something off.

Bitmoji support is also an interesting bit of integration.

We saw Fitbit and Bitmoji team up for a similar kind of thing back in 2019, and now it's the turn of Wear OS to get on board with the cartoonish avatars.

As Google explains it, users will be able to see their avatar in action on their wrist once they've downloaded the Bitmoji watch face app and, of course, made an avatar through Snapchat, or the Bitmoji app.

Once that setup is complete, your Bitmoji avatar will then change expressions throughout the day based on things like the weather and your physical activity - or lack of it.

Naturally, neither of these updates is groundbreaking, but it is encouraging that Google continues to push these minor upgrades to Wear OS and keep the experience fresh for users.

We're expecting even more interesting Wear OS details when the company provides a full reveal for the Google Pixel Watch - its first-ever smartwatch - on 6 October.

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