Xplora X3GO kids smartwatch lands with improved camera

Updated kids watch is big on fun
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Kids smartwatch maker Xplora has launched the XGO3 – the all new version of its popular wearable.

The XGO3 builds on the success of the XGO2 – with an updated design with a new camera and improved design.

Front-and-center is a 1.3-inch touch screen LCD, with a 240x240 resolution. LCD panels aren’t nearly as good as the AMOLED you’ll find on top smartwatches, but it keeps costs down, and kids aren’t usually connoisseurs when it comes to display tech.

The camera has been improved, and it now has a 2MP resolution, which makes for clearer snaps, which kids can take from the wrist and play around with on the watch itself. There’s also 4GB of storage for pictures.

Xplora X3GO kids smartwatch lands with improved camera

There’s also improved water resistance, with an IX68 rating, meaning its splashproof – but this isn’t one for the swimming pool.

But there are serious applications for the wearable, such as calling and SOS features, which is helping kids smartwatches grow in popularity. That's underpinned by 3G/4G connectivity – which makes the calling and tracking possible. In the UK you can buy with a pre-installed SIM card, which costs £7.99pm (with a discount for an annual upfront subscription). US buyers will need to arrange an LTE plan separately.

Just like the XGO2, kids can make and receive calls from pre-saved numbers. They can’t accept or call a number that’s not been whitelisted by parents from within the Xplora app.

There’s no social media either, and it has a School Mode, which means they can’t be distracted by it in class.

Xplora X3GO kids smartwatch lands with improved camera

There’s an SOS mode too, which for parents will be one of the key reasons to buy. And as the XGO3 is always connected, it will call straight through to a pre-set number. The secondary guardian will also get a push notification. Guardians can check the location of the child via GPS, too.

The XGO3 does have step tracking – although it’s not set up like the Fitbit Ace 3 with a big focus on activity.

But steps do feed into the Goplay games and rewards system, where kids can complete challenges – with leaderboards and prizes.

The Xplora XGO3 will cost $149.99/£139.99 and available in orange, green, pink, black and blue.

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