Bluboo Xwatch claims to be Android Wear sporty number

Moto 360 Sport rival on show at HK Global Source Electronics Show... apparently
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There's some bold claims coming out of China from Bluboo - makers of such notable smartphones as the Xfire and the X4 (no, us neither).

Not only is the Shenzhen-based company claiming that the Bluboo Xwatch is the "world's first Android Wear based sports smartwatch", it's also trolling Motorola by saying, "We know that Moto 360 2nd generation has a sports style shape but has no any difference with other android wear smartwatch (sic)."


However, we're not so sure that the GPS-enabled smartwatch, that's set to be demoed at the HK Global Source Electronics Show later this month, will actually be adding to the Android Wear line-up.

Call us cynical but we've been burned by promises of exotic sounding Android Wear devices in the past. The Com 1 smartwatch hit crowdfunding site Indiegogo in September 2014, claiming to have a two day battery life and a whopping (if massively unnecessary) 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

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The Indiegogo campaign disappeared, however, following a dispute with Google over copyright. Google stated the company had no licence to its intellectual property.

Unlike Android for smartphones, which widely available on almost 19,000 different devices, Google heavily guards its smartwatch platform. So far, only eight brands have officially announced approved AW watches, brands like Samsung, LG and Tag Heuer.

Again, call us cynical but we can't see Bluboo becoming the ninth.

We've spoken to Bluboo and they've told us that it has applied for the Android Wear license. Hmmmm....

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