Asus ZenWatch: No show on Best Buy launch day

$199 price in doubt now as well, with listing suggesting more expensive price-tag

There's much confusion as to when the Asus ZenWatch will go on sale, and how much it will cost - with Best Buy not putting the Android Wear smartwatch on sale on 9 November.

That launch date, along with a price of $199, was stated by the Taiwanese company directly, through a press release at the end of last week.

"Asus today announced that Asus ZenWatch, its first wearable device powered by Android Wear and produced in partnership with Google, will be available at Best Buy on November 9 for $199, and is coming soon on Google Play," read the statement.

The confusion is twofold because not only is the ZenWatch seemingly not yet on sale through Best Buy, the retail giant also now has the Google powered smartwatch listed as 'coming soon' and has the price stated as $229.99.

Our Asus contact in the UK has told us a launch in Blighty is expected "before Christmas" and we're assured the price will be less than £200.

We've contacted Asus' representatives in the US and hope to have this matter cleared up soon.

Update: It is now available to order

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  • Lostgamer·

    So it is now available on Best Buy's website to add to your cart. HOWEVER, you still cannot order it because it says in store pick up only, no shipping. When I go to select my store, its says unavailable for EVERY store in the entire area. So I still cannot get this. WTH?

    • Lostgamer·

      Oh and they have it listed at the wrong price. #epicfail

  • Jay·

    I believe they have removed it from the Best Buy site, hopefully to fix the mistakes. 

  • GS9400·

    I just bought it using that link and Best Buy sent me an e-mail saying they were preparing for shipment.

    • GS9400·

      Oh, and thanks ThreatBrett. By the way, BB didn't say it was preorder, they said they are shipping.

  • nvwatch·

    friday.  The mod / pog drops then I will be installing at stores...   already have one.  

  • nvwatch·

    it will be in on friday. I am installing displays.  I already have it for a few weeks now.  Works well...  

  • mitchellvii·

    Morning of 9/12 watch no longer listed on BestBuy website.  Typical BestBuy launch day fustercluck.  Torn between this and the LG G R.

    • Lostgamer·

      I just looked again (it is 9:30 AM EST time here on the 12th) and I see the listing on Best Buy's website and they now have it listed at the correct price of $199 but it still says "Sold Out Online". And we continue to wait...

      • mitchellvii·

        Where do you see it listed?  I got nuthin.  Stores never heard of it.

  • RickM·

    I purchased the Zenwatch from BestBuy on 11/10 for 229.99. I questioned that they sold it for $29 more than the list price of 199.99 and was informed that they would price match the 199.99 and to call a number for the match. Later in the day they reduced the price to a list price of $199.99 on the web site where it immediately sold out. I tried to get the price match but was advised that they would not match the price on a sold out item, I feel like I have been totally scammed. Yhe good news is that I have the watch and it is great. The bad news is that I will never but another item from BestBuy again.