Android Wear has disappeared from the Google Store

The curious case of the smartwatch platform vanishing
Android Wear vanishes from Google Store
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Google revealed a score of new products yesterday, but it also quietly removed the Android Wear section from the Google Store.

No new smartwatches were announced at the San Francisco event, with much of the hype taken up with the Pixel Buds, Daydream View and the Google Home Max, and now anybody looking to purchase Wear's flagship duo, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, are met with a "no longer available" sign.

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And that's if you can even make your way to the page, since the Android Wear tab has been removed from the Store's home page and also reveals nothing if typed into the search box.

The fact the pair of LG watches have been listed as no longer available is different to simply being out of stock, too, since this hints towards the devices not returning altogether - at least on Google's store. The watches are still available to buy from Best Buy, AT&T and Amazon.

Furthermore, since originally publishing this story, Hoi Lam, staff developer advocate on Google's wearables, tweeted that this change only happened because Google made a decision to only stock its own hardware. "Our team knew the plan for a year now and invested in custom store fronts with online retailers," he added.


So it seems like it's a lot of panic about nothing. If Google was planning to scale back its Android Wear ambitions, simply removing it from its store without comment would be pretty bizarre. After all, while Wear 2.0 had a relatively messy rollout, a raft of companies are on board and plenty of devices are still yet to land before the end of the year.

Also, Google recently rolled out the first Android 8.0 Oreo beta for Android Wear, so it would appear to still be in its plans.

Source: 9to5Google

Android Wear vanishes from the Google Store