And finally: Huawei Watch leak shows Android Wear could be iOS bound

Check out our round up of the tidbits and teasers from the week in wearable tech
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Every Sunday we dedicate our time to rounding up the less credible and smaller tidbits in the world of wearable tech, and with IFA 2015 in Berlin just a few days away, the rumour mill is turning at full speed.

Read on to check out the stories that might have slipped under your radar this week.

Huawei Watch leak hints at iOS support


An appearance of the Huawei Watch on Amazon has hinted that Android Wear could get iOS compatibility before long. Until now, Google's wearable OS has only worked with Android smartphones, but the leaked Amazon listing states that Huawei's forthcoming smartwatch will work with both flavours of device.

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The Amazon listing also showed off the Chinese smartwatch in a blingy gold, much like the Apple Watch Edition. And just like Apple's top model, it commands a big price tag – with Huawei asking a steep $800.

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Samsung Gear S2 to have nano-sim tech


Samsung's round-faced smartwatch is due to drop this week, after it was teased at the company's Unpacked event earlier this month. It's rumoured that the rotating-bezeled device will use a nano-sim, offering cellular connectivity, much like the Samsung Gear S.

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Microsoft patents clothing that shocks


Microsoft has patented a design for a smart shirt that's designed to shock the wearer to notify them of emails, notifications or other types of message. reports that the patent describes the feature as “providing electrical stimuli to the skin of a user to convey information to the user."

While getting shocked every time you receive an email could be a bum deal, there could be potentially interesting applications for sports coaching, where the shirt could gently coach you on your golf swing, for example.

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Hue dimmer is more than just a switch


Philips has released a new dimmer switch for its smart lighting system Hue, which enables users to control their lights from a unit in the home. The new switch works just like a traditional light switch, and is even styled like one. However, more significantly new dimmer lights create an ad-hoc ZigBee network which enables other bulbs to connect automatically. That negates the need for the Hue Bridge, dramatically reducing the cost of entry to the system.

Pentagon pumps cash into wearables


The Pentagon has announced that it's to set up a $75m fund to develop flexible display technology, which could be used to create smart clothing for soldiers. Engadget reports that the fund will create a consortium of 163 organisations, including Apple and Harvard.

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