ZTE and Wearsafe are teaming up to make personal safety wearables

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While there have been several attempts at a really good personal safety wearable, none of them have really taken off and become a mainstream thing. ZTE and Wearsafe feel they can change that, and they've teamed up with Qualcomm to help make it happen.

The three companies have announced they're working together to create "discrete wearable devices" that will connect wearers to first responders, family and monitoring companies through the push of a button.

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Each of the companies will bring their expertise to these devices. Qualcomm, of course, will bring the Snapdragon Wear 1100 to the party. ZTE meanwhile will bring the hardware and Wearsafe will bring its personal security platform.

That Snapdragon Wear 1100, by the way, also means these will be low-power devices with next-gen LTE support globally. As for what we can expect from features, ZTE says it will integrate Wearsafe's system into the device.

Usually, Wearsafe's tech relies on giving your emergency contacts as much context about your situation as possible. So, at the push of a button, they'll receive your GPS location and an audio stream of what's going on. The contact will also receive 60 seconds of buffered audio recorded prior to the user pressing the button.

There's no timetable for when we can expect these personal safety devices as the partnership has just begun and development is surely around the corner. However, seeing these three companies teaming up for something that could potentially save a lot of people is a good sign for the personal safety wearable world on a whole.

ZTE and Wearsafe are teaming up to make personal safety wearables

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