Vodafone will power a pet wearable with its new V by Vodafone program

Now your dog's tracker is also powered by Vodafone
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Now that practically everyone has a data-devouring smartphone in their pocket, carriers are looking to wearables to bridge the gap to growth. Vodafone is no different, though they are taking a different tack on it.

Vodafone's launched the V by Vodafone range, which is basically a handful of Internet of Things devices powered by Vodafone's network. The V-Pet is its pet wearable, though it is pretty much a rebranded Kippy Vita. And by rebranded, we mean slapping a V-Pet logo on the box and coming with a Vodafone SIM card.

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The Vita is a dog and cat tracker with both GPS and activity tracking. The GPS will let you know exactly where your dog is located, even if they're not in the range of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Like other trackers, you can also create virtual fences, so that if they wander out of bounds you'll get a notification.

Finally, and more interestingly, you'll get a look at your pet's activity every day. You'll be able to take a look at their running, walking, sleeping and even calorie consumption. On top of that, the Kippy will send you tips to improve your pet's health. It doesn't seem advanced as some of the tracking on something like the Waggit, but it's also not as expensive as the Waggit.

The device is designed for cats and dogs over 9lbs, and is both water resistant and comes with and ABS shell for anti-shock protection so that it can handle all the rough and tumble play your pet can throw at it. Made out of a combination of velcro and steel, the Kippy Vita will get you 10 days of battery life and weighs in at just 50g.

The V-Pet itself will cost you £50, while the subscription to data will cost you an extra £4 a month. The other three V by Vodafone devices are V-Auto, which turns your car into a smart car, V-Camera, which is an Arlo Go smart home camera, and V-Bag, an Alcatel MOVETRACK to track your bag.

Vodafone will power a pet wearable with its new V by Vodafone program

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