Upright Go S wants to stop you slouching while you WFH

New Upright posture trainer is cheaper and can be worn in a necklace
Upright Go S wants to stop WFH slouching
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Posture trainer experts Upright is back, and it's built a new wearable called the Upright Go S it hopes will help the many people still currently work from home to sit up properly while away from their usual office domain.

The Go S looks set to replace the Go, which launched back in 2017, and will sit alongside the pricier Go 2 ($99.95). The Go S costs $59.99, making it a cheaper way to start paying closer attention to your posture.

In terms of how it all works, it doesn't have the identical hardware to the Go 2, but in essence aims to do the same thing. That's to help prevent muscular pain and aches by training yourself to sit with a good posture.

It's still worn on the back using a reusable adhesive or an additional pendant necklace and uses a single smart movement sensor that matches the Go 2's 48mm sized frame. The device vibrates in a unique pattern when it detects that the wearer is slouching. The idea is to establish muscle memory to strengthen the core and back to create long-term changes to how you sit.

Upright Go S wants to stop your slouching while you WFH

The Go S is compatible with Android phones and iOS devices with the companion app letting you correctly calibrate the device and see stats for your progress along with programs you can follow to help maintain those good posture habits.

There's support to store seven days of offline training with a battery life of up to 2.5 days. The big differences from the Go 2 are that you miss out on the use of 2 multi movement sensors, the more advanced movement detection, getting 5 days of battery life and beefier 30 days of offline training. You're also getting 10 of the hypoallergenic adhesives as opposed to the 5 you get with the Go S.

We tested the Upright Go back in 2017 and were fans of how well it worked in helping us become more mindful of how we sat and worked. Since then, Upright has been acquired by digital therapeutics company DarioHealth, so the startup clearly impressed enough to get snapped up and keep the devices rolling out.

The Upright Go S is on sale now from the likes of Amazon, BestBuy and Upright's own website for $59.99. If you want to wear it in the necklace accessory, that will cost you an additional $19.95 to pick that up too.

We should be getting one to test out to see if this is one wearable you need while you still can't get back into the office.