Touchpoints Basic wants to kill your stress in 30 seconds

Second gen wearable offers a more affordable way to keep calm
Touchpoints Basic kills stress in 30 seconds
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Neuroscience wearables are a thing now and TouchPoints Basic is the latest device to take advantage of the stimulating tech in a bid to help you de-stress, sleep better and improve your focus.

The startup has just launched its second generation wearable on Indiegogo, which aims to offer a more affordable route to its stress-fighting hardware.

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So how does the non-invasive tech work? Once you've got the devices around both of your wrists or clipped onto your clothing, TouchPoints use something called Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST for short) technology. This tech sends alternating vibrations that alter the body's Fight, Flight or Freeze response to stress and anxiety. This will then apparently restore homeostatic nervous system functioning, which will allow you to think clearly and become calmer.

touchpoint neuroscience wearable indiegogo

The micro USB-powered wearable offers three different speeds (slow, medium, fast) and the startup claims it has plenty of evidence from users to support the claim that the TouchPoints original was able to reduce stress by 74% in just 30 seconds.

TouchPoints joins the brain zapping Halo Sport headset, currently the most high profile wearable device to harness the power of neuroscience to improve sporting performance. UK-based startup Vibes also unveiled a wearable forearm strap that uses neuroscience to speed up the process of learning to play musical instruments including the guitar.

The TouchPoints Basic has already passed its £15,000 goal on Indiegogo with a month still to run on the campaign. You'll need to spend $129 or more to get one and it's set to ship in August 2017. So you won't have to wait long to put it to good use.