Garmin adds ECG to Venu 3, Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro

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Garmin ECG watch
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Garmin has rolled out ECG to a host of its flagship smartwatches and sports watches.

The company had already released the feature for Venu 2 Plus, but it was curiously omitted from its most recent devices, including the new Venu 3.

But that’s now changed (and not before we’ve written scores of references to the Venu 3’s lack of ECG) and it’s rolling out across Venu 3, Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro.

All of these watches have Elevate 5, the latest heart rate sensor, and it was pretty clear that Garmin was waiting for FDA approval before releasing the feature. Why it couldn’t be clearer about that to people looking to buy a Garmin watch, we have no idea.

It works much the same as the Venu 2 Plus, and like most rival ECG apps.

You place your finger on the button, and take a 30-second test. Your Garmin watch will then look for signs of Afib, which will be shown on the watch itself, and within Garmin Connect.

However, in terms of regions, it seems that for now, Garmin ECG will still only be available in the US, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. We’ve reached out to  Garmin for confirmation of the regional support.


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