Skyworth shows off this awesome flexible AMOLED wearable concept

CES 2018: Flexible AMOLED cuff turns heads
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The great thing about CES is that something unusual is always around the corner, and the unexpected appears more than any other show. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this wearable concept over on the Skyworth stand.

If you haven't heard of Skyworth, that's understandable. The Chinese TV maker isn't much of a name in the West, but that could if its wearable cuff comes to market (it won't). There's zero detail out there but it's a showcase for the company's flexible AMOLED technology.

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A quick Google shows an identical 5-inch flexible AMOLED itself was shown off at IFA 2017, but this time out it's been fashioned into a wearable cuff – one possible use for flexible displays.


It doesn't exactly look very comfortable – but that screen looks undeniably stunning.

Curved OLED as already been used in wearables of course, with the original Samsung Gear S using a curved screen. However, a flexible display offers the chance for users to mold and change the shape of their device, fitting to individual wrist sizes and shapes.


Maybe we are in fact edging closer to seeing these kind of wearable displays actually being made available for all. We're sure this won't be the last we'll see of them in 2018.


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