Rhythm smart dancing shoes will improve your moves

We bet that you'll look good on the dance floor
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If you're the owner of lapsed dance floor shapes, a new pair of smart shoes could help transform you into a salsa sensation.

The Rhythm Smart Dancing Shoes use in-built sensors and vibrations to teach the wearer when to move, with a companion app coming tethered to help deliver visual dance lessons.

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Cesar Gutierrez, creator of Rhythm, said: "Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and flex the mental muscles – but for a long time, many people saw learning to dance as a costly and complicated process.

"Our rhythm shows make it easy for dance enthusiasts to break the curse of 'two left feet' and learn how to dance in a range of styles, from slinky jazz to the majestic waltz, via hip-hop and the salsa."

The shoes are both fitted with Bluetooth technology to provide syncing with your smartphone, with an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer also joining the pressure sensors to offer feedback on your steps. If you're consistently falling out of line, the shoes will know, and the app will begin firing off recommendations for tweaks.

Users will also be able to view their progress over time through the app, with weekly charts detailing how many steps they've performed, their performance rate and the overall totals for calories burned and time spent twirling around.

There's also badges to keep you motivated, with points received every time you complete a move successfully.

It's not all about you and your improving moves, though. Rhythm also gives you the option of opening up to the dancing community.

"Using the rhythm app, you can set up your profile to find new dance partners, share your progress or challenge your friends. We're even introducing a visual learning element, with live rhythm classes in major cities, where our users can perfect their technique and meet other dancers in their area," Gutierrez said.

The company behind the Rhythm is currently looking for support via Indiegogo, with early bird offers starting at $150 - half of the eventual retail price. Backers will be recreating the dance-off scene from Starsky & Hutch in no time.

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