Nimb is a panic button hidden inside a smart ring

Startup wants to make it easier to raise the alarm when you feel in danger
Nimb is a panic button inside a smart ring
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After Apple introduced an SOS app for the Apple Watch and a recent report revealed panic buttons were one of the most wanted wearables by consumers, the Nimb smart ring is the latest with designs to keep you safe.

Unlike previous smart rings we've written about in the past, like Ringly and Altruis, which focus on buzzing you when a phone notification comes through, Nimb tracks your location and can send an alert to friends, families and emergency services when the user feels threatened.

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Once the button is pressed on the rather sizeable-looking piece of smart jewellery, it uses your smartphone to send the distress signal to a set of preset contacts. It can additionally let Nimb community users be alerted if they are within 300 yards and have the companion app.

Those contacts can be selected from inside the companion app, which will be available for iPhones, Android phones and Windows 10 Mobile devices. The app will also include instant chat and mapping features.

There's a vibration motor built into the ring to buzz you if you are away from your phone and there's even a hidden recording feature to capture audio, which could be a useful source of evidence should anything serious occur.

Nimb is going to be available in two colours (black and white) and will come in ring sizes 4-12 (US sizes). It also promises to deliver a solid two weeks of battery life when in regular use.

The startup behind Nimb is launching a Kickstarter campaign on 21 June to bring this potentially lifesaving piece of tech to life. If successful, it'll join the likes of Athena and Leaf's Safer smart jewellery range in the bid to keep your loved ones safe.