This Pip-Boy can actually work like a smartwatch

E3 2016: Yep, another Pip-Boy is available for pre-orders
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Remember all the fuss from last year's Bethesda E3 conference because of the Pip-Boy from popular Fallout game series? And then remember the disappointment over it's boring plastic shell that didn't really do much? Well, E3 2016 has revealed a brand new Pip-Boy - and it actually works like a smartwatch.

While there's no direct connection to you in-game stats, this new version, called the Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition can pair to a smartphone rather than needing another screen to function. That means you can use it pretty much like a smartwatch - take calls, read messages, see contacts and apparently, more.

When not paired, the Pip-Boy can be used as an alarm clock - plus all the little buttons work too.

It's of course, far larger than your average Apple Watch and covers a good chunk of your arm with seller ThinkGeek saying it should fit most people and is lined with comfy cushions.

The device weighs about two pounds where the stand doubles as a charging base and even a speaker opposed to another lump of plastic.

Similar to last year, Bethesda says only 5,000 units will be made. The Pip-Boy will cost you $349.99 with an additional $9.99 shipping fee and is available to pre-order from ThinkGeek. Come November of this year, you should have your very own working Pip-Boy.


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