NFL players will use Whoop wearable to track and sell their health data

A landmark deal, but just the start of the partnership
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The Whoop Strap has slowly but surely been making its way into the big American sports leagues. Well, except if you're the NBA. The newest addition is the NFL, as Whoop and the NFL Players Association have just signed a massive deal.

It makes the Whoop Strap 2.0 the official wearable of the NFLPA, which doesn't just mean that NFL players will be able to use the strap to monitor their vitals and sleep. It also means they'll get to customize and create their own licensed bands for both personal and commercial use.

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The players will own their data and, if they choose, can commercialize it through the NFLPA. There's no word on whether there are any restrictions, like if they can use it for contract negotiations, which is why the NBA voted down the wearable in its collective bargaining agreement in February.

Whoop and the NFLPA will also use the data the players generate to study how NFL scheduling, travel, injuries and sleep affect performance and recovery. I'm betting the NFLPA will definitely use this data in their next collective bargaining battle with the NFL owners, but I digress.

While using the data to help improve athletic performance is pretty standard fare for Whoop's deals with sports leagues, the NFL deal goes a little further by allowing NFL players to contribute to designing straps for commercial use. So get ready to buy that Tom Brady-designed Whoop strap.

NFL players will use Whoop wearable to track and sell their health data

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