Lumo gets a Windows Lift

Desktop app launched to help with posture problems
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The Lumo Lift app is making its way to your desktop with Microsoft users now having no excuses for poor posture, thanks to the launch of the Windows Lumo platform.

During our Lumo Lift review we bemoaned the fact that, without turning constant alerts on, there was no easy way to keep track of how well you were performing with your posture - the new Windows app solves this problem as you'll get real time information within the status tray, with a red icon indicating that you need to sit up straight.

The app also lets you check your current and historical posture and activity data and alter your Coaching Session settings.

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The Lumo Lift is a Misfit Shine-style device that will not only stop you slouching, but works as an activity tracker as well; counting your steps, distance and calories.

Attaching to your clothes using a magnetic clasp, the Lumo Lift, like its predecessor (which required strapping around the lower back), uses an algorithm to detect your posture and vibrates if you should be sitting or standing a little straighter.

A desktop companion is an obvious one for Lumo's fitness tracker as many people are concerned that sitting for hours a day at a desk is negatively affecting their posture.

The bad news is that you'll need a separate dongle to pair your Lumo Lift and your PC - and that will set you back $19.99.

You can download the free app now.

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