Misfit Shine tips: How to get more from your fitness tracker

How to make your Misfit fitness tracker really shine

The Misfit Shine and Misfit Flash fitness trackers are about a minimal as a wearable can get but don't be fooled by its subtle design - there are plenty of smart features to help you get fitter, faster.

With that in mind, we've put together these handy tips and tricks to help you get extra from your Misfit tracker and hopefully answer a few queries along the way.

Connect up your home

The Misfit Shine 2 and Flash both work with If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes that enable you to pair you band with other apps. You can turn on your Philips Hue lights or start a Spotify playlist with a tap of your tracker. You'll need the IFTTT app on your smartphone and in the Misfit app head to Settings > Apps and connect the two.

Align your Shine

Misfit Shine tips and guide

There's nothing more frustrating than getting your Shine in its strap only to find that it's off centre, meaning you'll have to tilt your head if you want to tell the time. To make sure it's properly aligned, turn it over and note the position of the '12'. This indicates the position of the 12 o'clock LED - so make sure it's facing north before you clip it in.

Put time first

When you double tap your Shine you'll see your progression towards yoru daily goal followed by the time. However, if you want to use your Shine like a watch you can have the time displayed first. Just go to the Devices tab and swipe down to general settings and choose Display Clock First. You can also turn off the clock altogether, if you wish.

Kick off an activity

Misfit Shine tips and guide

You might be using the Shine as just a general through-the-day activity accumulator but you can also tell it when you're about to perform specific activities. To start an activity, tap the Shine three times. You should be met with a ring of glowing lights to signify your session has begun. You can then tag your activity later on. You can choose from swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, yoga, dance and tennis.

Use the smart alarm

The Misfit Shine also offers a smart alarm, which aims to wake you up when you're in your lightest sleep so you feel more refreshed. To set it, tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the moon. From there you can set the latest wake-up time and choose an alarm sound. This is one of the device's best features, so it's a good one to know.

Misfit Shine 2
Wareable may get a commission

Add your meals

While you can track meals and food in apps like MyFitnessPal, Misfit takes a slightly different approach. Hit the plus and choose the apple icon, and you can add pictures of your food which are added to your daily activity summary.

Pair up a Pebble instead

If you own a Pebble smartwatch, you can now pair it with the Misfit app. Why's this interesting? Let's say your Shine runs out of battery and you can't recharge if for a while - you can make sure you don't lose any of that juicy tracking data by swapping in your Pebble smartwatch. All you have to do is select Pebble when prompted to select a device and then connect the two. Or if you want to untether your Shine to replace it with the Pebble, just go to Settings and then tap Unlink Shine.

A sneakier way to sync

A really nice touch, Misfit asks you to tap the Shine on the screen in order to sync it with your phone. However you don't actually need to do this (and occasionally it doesn't recognise the device anyway). Instead, when the syncing circle pops up, just tap your finger on the screen instead. So long as your Shine is within Bluetooth range it should pair up anyway.

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  • Noxma·

    Just to note, the Shine isn't rechargeable. It takes a disc battery (cheap and easy to find), needing a new one every couple of months.

    • thecheekypeople·

      This is the same as the flash  - I think the shine might be more expensive for little extra benefit

      • emd·

        The shine is waterproof. The flash should not be worn in the shower or to swim, according to Misfit tech support.

  • schunckadunk·

    Probably should have specified which version of the app these features work on.  I use the Shine with my Samsung S4 and there is no food tracker nor smart alarm feature that I can find using the instructions you posted in this article.   I know those feature are however on the IOS version of the app. Also as stated by the other poster,  the Shine is not a rechargeable device. It runs off of a watch style battery.  I think that is one of the best features about this device as I don't ever have to take it off.  The more I wear it, the better off I am and can keep up with my activity. 

    • bek·

      They definitely should have specified that the Smart Alarm only works with the iOS version.. which seems entirely asinine. That was one of my top 2 reasons for going with this tracker :(

      • jessajobot·

        I was able to find the feature on the android app.  Go to "Device" tab and scroll down.

  • Kevb·

    I have just bought a new Misfit shine and cannot find the alarm feature described.

    • Lhayes29·

      I have it and its connected on a andriid phone. I just upgraded from the shine to shine 2. It wirks great

  • Kevb·

    I have just bought a fitness shine and cannot find the smart alarm mentioned above as one of its best features?

    • sammich·

      Do you have an Android phone? Cause we don't have it yet :/

      • lmbrallier·

        Is there a reason why the Android users still do not have the smart alarm and other functionalities?

    • Lalacarolan·

      I'm guessing it's a shine 2 feature. I can't find it either on the 1. 

  • AmyScruggs·

    I've had my misfit shine for a week now and am loving it! All of my activity syncs into my Weight Watchers app which is fantastic! 

    • carbon·

      do you have an android or ios?It doesn't work on android

      • Lhayes29·

        Its works on android. I use a galaxy note 5 . I have no issues

    • WannaBeeLoser·

      Hi Amy. My name is Nilsa. I have the Misfit Shine and I'm having a hard time syncing it with my weight watchers. Can you please tell me how did you get it to work. I've tried everything to no avail. Any advice you can give me will be really appreciated. Thank you. 

    • Hameiri·

      HI AmyScruggs,

      Where do I find out how to sync my misfit shine 2 to weight watchers?


  • draumsongr·

    The alarm feature is on the phone app.

  • Llamamama·

    I have a misfit flash, I feel like it is the ugly stepchild, hidden and never talked about. Are there ever going to be color bands for it? I LOVE my flash. It works like a dream. Please let the flash get some love too. 

  • emhowd·

    Does the Smart Alarm sound from the Shine, or from the smartphone?

    • nhoague·

      From the phone not the shine

  • bethodges·

    It would be nice if the Shine did more with Droid phones.

    I get very frustrated reading about all the things it can do, but then it only turns out to be if you have an Iphone. 

    I don't think I would have purchased it if I knew it had so many limitations. 

  • sammich·

    I love my Shine!  But have been waiting forever to get the Android app on par with iOS.  They keep coming out with new devices but seem to have forgotten about the app side of things!

  • Kathcobcroft·

    I use the bloom necklace a fair bit and find the black 12 is a good spot to use the tab at the end of the necklace to prise out the Shine without scratching it.

    A lot of people say that their Shine is liable to jump out of the sport band when they flex their wrist. A solution to this may be to push it further up your arm and not wear it directly on your wrist joint like a gumby. ;-)

  • SpinnerGirl·

    Don't buy the mesh or pebble band.  I bought the mesh band,  it arrived damaged,  have been writing to Misfit (& contacting on FB & tweeting) for days,  no reply.  The shine doesn't fit really well into the pebble band,  it popped out 5x within the past 12 hours. Once in bed, 2x into my dishwasher,  1x in my shower,  and this last time I have no idea where it is.  Also,  my shine was scratched in the 1st week,  so it's not really a quality piece of equipment.

  • sunshine·

    i am having trouble changing my goal from 600 to 1,000


    • baschultz26·

      Go to phone app, top left, tap the 3 bars. Tap Goals, tap daily goal and change goal level by scrolling up or down on the display. Then save.

      • photos·

        I don't see 3 bars, only the calendar on the top left

        • Alandis24·

          Go to settings and then go to set goals

          • Rav·

            We have an iPad - we had to go to the "me" screen. On it beside where it says "set up social profile" there is s sprocket like icon - that's your settings, and you'll find your goals in there.  Not very intuitive. Hope this helps someone.

        • SCPixie·

          it's on the right, not the left

  • Lorie·

    my shine shows 's Shine. How do I get my name in there so it says Lorie's Shine?

    • Mweier·

      tap on the text "'S SHINE" right there in the Devices tab to bring up a keyboard to customize the device name.  I expected it to be in the profile or settings but it's just right there in the Devices. 

  • RickiG·

    Is there a way to add an exercise?  I use an elliptical machine. RickiG

  • zari·

    hi, i just bought misfit shine, my phone is galaxy note 3 , but my shine wont link with my phone, i'm frustrated. i downloaded the app and try to link , but it didn't work out

    • Kat·

      Try changing the battery. Mine came with a dead battery.

  • njiardina·

    Print your own design on printable Window clings and decorate your shine (use laser so the color does not bleed). I printed of the Captain America shield and put in over the top making sure I did not cover the lights. This also protects the top against scratches.

    • Waslin·

      Hi there,

      Is there any way you can post a picture (or if I give you my Facebook, send a direct picture) so I can see how you've done this please?

      I have just recently invested in a Shine and will soon be selling them at my work and would love to have a handy tip like yours to help customers avoid scratches on their new wearables!

      I know it's a long shot but I would be so grateful!



  • hldrnss·

    I have an iPhone and can not locate the alarm?

    • LMW·

      I can't find it either

  • nancy3·

    As above, there is no smart alarm on this device

    • INGAMM·

      Yes there is! While in the sleep section of the app slide your screen from right to lift. 

      • Kjunreb·

        that's not the smart alarm they are looking for . 

  • Jessie_J·

    I can't get the sleep tracker or clock to work, has anyone else had this problem.  I'm not sure if my misfit shine is faulty.

    • Andrea·

      Neither I can get the clock function to work. When I tap to times I only get the progress to shine but no clock appears after. I have tried to turn on and off the clock in the app but without any luck. 

      I returned my first shine to the store just to find out that the next one I got just had the same problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5mini and now I think that maybe thats the problem... 
      I have not been able to try the sleep tracker yet though. 

  • bmcbryde·

    My smart alarm on my Shine turns itself on every day even though I have turned it off. I can't seem to find a way to get it to stay off permanently. Any help appreciated.

    • Tarakenjor2015·

      I am having the exact same problem. I use an iPhone with an updated iOS and my Shine. Every day the alarm goes off and I have never set it to do so. I have searched in the app settings to see if I've missed something, but I can't find out how to keep the alarm from automatically turning on every day.

    • JSrunner·

      Same issue here.

      Still waiting for a fix!

    • Safire·

      me too. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. how do I turn it offfffffff

    • tonirags·

      Same problem here.  Searching for a fix.

      • RNurse·

        There is a way...

        Open the app (iOS) > select the sleep 'moon' icon > swipe left > toggle the sleep alarm off.

        • BeaMine·

          Nope no go. All mine does is want to adjust the hours of sleep. Screen does not change.

  • ladylucie·

    my Shine does NOT show Yoga or Dance in the "activity tracker" .... am I doing something wrong?

    I do a lot of Yoga and Zumba and would love to have it tracked. PLEASE help......

  • ladylucie·

    my shine "claims" to track yoga and dance... the only options i see are biking,basketball, tennis, swimming and soccer.... am i doing something wrong?

    i would really like to track my yoga and zumba

    • noodles7·

      no Zumba tracking yet, but you can log Yoga activity after the fact.  Tap the + button at the bottom of the app, click the blue running icon on the left and it gives you nine options including yoga and dancing -  log exercise and put in the time and intensity that you did it. You could use the Dancing option to log your Zumba for now. Hopefully a future update will have more activities and options. 

      • sschoepel·

        That's great except that I cannot enter an activity I did the day before. If you try to select the date, the only one allowed is today, even though it initially allows you to scroll to other dates. This is not okay. If I don't have my phone with me that day or for whatever other reason I cannot enter the activity on the date it happens, I'm out of luck. I am trying to track all my exercise and was going to do it with the Misfit app, but now I'll end up with a spreadsheet or a different app.

      • sschoepel·

        Apologies if this posts twice. My original didn't show.

        BIG FLAW: you cannot add the activity it if happened before today. The app won't let you add anything but activities on the date they happen. So, if I don't have my phone on me until a few days later, I'm out of luck. I'll use another app or a spreadsheet if this doesn't get fixed.

  • frizzy·

    could someone please tell me if shine works with Ipad,  I got it but I can;t get it to work with swimming and I can't find a manual in english to tell me how to use it, trying to get help with misfit and google because I want to return it but no one will answer me, can anyone tell me if it will work with the iPhone 

  • ecs·

    speedo shiine does not allow to preset swimstyles. Does not count breaststroke laps because ist is set automatically to freestyle. Also you cant add a swim a day later. Quite disappointed...

  • JanDoyle·

    Received mesh band for Christmas and can't get it to lock down after adjusting the size. The video makes it look so easy. What am I doing wrong?

  • paula·

    Is it possible to connect more than 1 misfit flash to 1 phone

    • jak59·

      Yes. At least for iPhone and iPad. I assume that you're already set up with one misfit flash. Then you tap 'Me' in the bottom menu. In this menu you tap the 'settings'-symbol (cogwheel) in the upper right corner. In the drop-down-menu you choose 'account'. In this menu you can 'sign out'. Then the app returns to the home-screen - and you can sign in (but with a different mail and password, create this the first time using 'sign up'. Now you can set up your other flash-device. And henceforth you are able to shift back and forth between the to devices, via the same procedure.

  • Saulius·

    I have a Shine 2 and it does not track activities at all - this "To start an activity, tap the Shine three times. You should be met with a ring of glowing lights to signify your session has begun." is in no way available!! Why? In general, this tracker has been a huge disappointment!

  • Mel·

    I have a misfit shine and I'm having trouble tracking swimming.  I tried to add the activity and I get it recorded but without any points or data.  HELP.  I bought this because I swim and this one is waterproof.

  • Clarekwaka·

    hi folks, have any of you had a problem with the time being half hour out! This is on a new misfit shine! Any ideas??? Other than that I love it!! Thank you, Clare :)

  • georgia·

    so I have has my misfit shine for a few months now. I guess its  set to go off as soon as i hit a certain number of pts  instead of steps, anywho. can i increase that number?  or do i have to hard reset it ?

    • SKirtonBear·

      you can increase your points goal. For iPhone, Pick Me in the far lower right. Then pick the gear icon in the upper right corner. You then pick Goals and choose a number using the slider. It's touchy, though. I reset my points goal a few times, before settling on one number.

  • measedd·

    BIG Disappointment. I would not recommend the Misfit Flash or the App.  Have had the Flash for three months.  It worked pretty good until a few days ago when the thing stopped syncing or adding data to my Misfit app on my iPhone 5s.  I've tried all the troubleshooting tips and nothing seems to work.

  • MisfitShinebad·

    Purchased a Misfit Shine 1 in May 2015.  Synced it with an HTC One M8 (Android 4 at the time), and it worked fine and well until September (even through the Android 5 update for my phone).  Then Misfit decided to "update" the app and suddenly it (and apparently everyone else who had a Shine or a Flash connected to an Android phone) stopped working.  They backed it out after a week, and it went back to working as it was before. 

    Fast forward to December 2015, when Google introduced Android 6 in their line of phones, and Misfit jumped on it immediately, updated the app to work with Android 6, and wrecked it for everyone else who isn't upgraded yet.  My Shine has sync'd exactly twice since then - and I had to do a hard reset both times by popping the battery out, and letting the app update the firmware.

    Bottom line - if you have a Crapple product, this will work fine for you.  It was designed for your product.  Android support was and has been an afterthought.

    More proof - go look at the reviews on Google Play.

  • Joe196·

    I understand that the Misfit Shine is compatible with my MyFitnessPal App, which is great, if it works; anyone have experience with it?  But just as important, does anyone know if the Misfit Shine 2 would record the activity of a P90 workout?  I want something that will record steps and activities of cardio and sculpt workouts and then the P90X when I move into that. 

  • BearBrat74·

    How to log previous day's activities on app? Date auto scrolls to today.

  • Audrey·

    I am going to Europe for 12 days and do not want to take my iPad with me to sync and it does not sync on an iPhone 4 (I know, I know, time to upgrade my phone ;) but my question is, can I go 12 days and not sync my Shine until I get back? I will easily walk over 25,000 steps a day there and I would like to see it recorded!

    • j.stables·

      I wouldn't put my house on it, but I'm confident you'll be okay.

  • Cason·

    My Shine is locked up. Also the app. Now what do I do?

  • tb00819·

    Just purchased the Shine. So far, so good but is there any way to add more activities?  I also lift weights, play softball and other sports.  It would be nice to be able to do that. 

  • tassie·

    I have a new Misfit Shine. Sleep tracker is on but does not give any information.The points seem allright. What should I do?

  • Thebeeli·

    Does anyone know how to unlock an Android with Misfit Flash?

    I had it somehow but now i lost it.

  • jp4·

    I take water aerobics, and the Shine tracks all my steps, but doesn't give me credit for any deep water or weight training parts of the class. How can I add those? 

  • Nickeyrules·

    I bought a misfit shine about 2 months ago & it suddenly stopped updating my activity remaining and no longer shows any information for "today's story".

    Is there anyway to fix this?

  • amie·

    i have a misfit shine 2. I can't access the smart alarm on Sony z3. tried all the things people have said above.also I can't select sleep as an activity so when I slept on the daytime it didn't register. the app needs updating for Android. when will this happen? thanks

  • squidinc·

    Hello. My shine 2 keeps telling the wrong time. Everyday I sync it and it tells the correct time according to my phone. But then the next day it will be on a completely random time again and giving the incorrect exercise performance until I re-sync it. Any ideas?

  • AllanC·

    Hi, I would like to track the total number of Misfit points I accumulate per week, per month and per year so that I can aim for longer term targets. Any ideas on whether this is possible or not? Thanks