This wearable keyboard won't let you work if you're sitting still

This week's far fetched wearable concept comes from Parsons School of Design
The keyBod won't work if you sit still
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It's an extreme solution to the problem of deskbound office warriors spending too long making a dent in their Eames inspired chair and hunching over wireless keyboards. But the keyBod, which makes you hop about like you've got a particularly hard-to-get itch to scratch, is designed to tackle this very problem.

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It's a keyboard on your body. But it's not handily in one place, like on your forearm, instead keyBod - the work of student Nitcha Fame Tothong, places programmable keys all over the body. Embroidered letters indicate what you're typing and the idea is your whole body moves, not just your flying fingers.

The design concept consists of a semi transparent garment and keys are placed all over, including on the middle wearer's back, which "adds a functional layer to a human being". A prototype was presented at September's New York City Media Lab Summit and Tothong is also experimenting with a connected shoe which allows the worker to kick or tap their feet to act as a mouse click.

Tothong says that with practice, someone could actually get used to this system and get a workout at the same time. We reckon it'd be easier to type with a regular keyboard then hit the gym but hey, maybe we're old fashioned.

Even if it's not a long term accessory, a short time with the wearable could help office workers become more aware of bad posture habits and long periods sat down. So just like other posture trackers, if you're leaning too far forward, the keyBod will also alert you.

Via: FastCoExist