TruPosture reminds you to sit up straight

This smart shirt replaces your mum, at least when it comes to posture
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Parents are always reminding their children to sit up straight, but when we grow up, we don't have anyone around to scrutinise our posture. Well, someone had the bright idea to use technology and wearables to fill that role.

TruPosture is a sleeveless shirt with a wire that runs down the backside. It tracks the curvature of the spine and sends you a vibration whenever you start to slump.

The company behind this "smart shirt" is seeking $50,000 in crowdfunding on Indiegogo to help mass-produce TruPosture.

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The company claims that the smart shirt can help reduce back pain by helping you maintain healthy posture. The straighter your spine is, the stronger your back gets, which can help avoid serious back issues in the future that could lead you to needing surgery.

The shirt is outfitted with a series of nano sensors that keep track of how straight your back is. With the connected app, available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, users can set up their ideal posture position and then see how they stand up to it (pardon the pun).

If you slump forward too much, you'll receive a single-vibration notification. If you lean back too far, you'll get a two-vibration alert. The vibration is felt on your spine, right where you are curved over too much. That way, you'll know exactly where to straighten up.

TruPosture reminds you to sit up straight

It is supposed to retrain you to sit properly, sort of like the way your mum used to when she kept telling you to sit up straight as a kid.

It's not just for sitting, either. The app allows you to program posture positions for sitting, standing, and stretching. The better you get at keeping your spine straight, the more you can increase the training level of your posture.

The shirt is made from sweat resistant breathable lycra material with anti-microbial odor control treatment. It is machine washable, although it isn't clear whether you can throw it into the dryer.

Pledges start at $149 for your choice of shirt style, size, and colour. Shipping is estimated for May of 2016.

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