Smart Tracker 2 GPS tag smashes crowdfunding target...again

Are you always losing everything? Look this way

The Smart Tracker 2, a GPS toting tag that lets you track all your belongings, has smashed its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 on Indiegogo.

The tiny tag enables you to keep tabs on your children, pets, vehicles or other important belongings. At 45mm square and 12mm thick, the highly-waterproof, A-GPS tracker can be clipped to pet collars, thrown in bags and, using the magnetic cover, attached to vehicles.

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The Smart Tracker 2 can send its real-time location to any computer or phone as well as ambient recorded sound clips. You can set a geo-fence that will alert you when the tracker leaves a certain area, a shake/movement alarm, and a speed limit notification. There's even an SOS button. If the tracker doesn't have signal, it'll store location information until it gets signal again.

The battery life depends on the tracking frequency you choose. If you go for 30 second reports the battery will last only 10 hours but extend that to 5 minute intervals and you'll get a more impressive 180 hours of use.

Using the web or the Smart Tracker app (available on iOS, Android and Windows), you can keep track of multiple tags or call the device to hear real-time audio from the tracker.

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The original Smart Tracker was successfully funded in May 2015. However, the company immediately decided to shelve the product and ask all backers to move over to the Smart Tracker 2, at a $50 premium. Highly irregular, to say the least.

The Smart Tracker 2 costs $99, including a pre-paid international SIM card with an estimated 2 years of use, a belt/collar attachment and 2GB of inbuilt memory. The Smart Tracker 2 Plus comes in at $139 with a 30% better battery, 5GB of storage, a three year SIM plan and a docking station for charging and syncing.

Both Smart Trackers have an estimated delivery date of October 2015 and will offer three designs, blue, yellow or a mock audio player style. You have until 28 July to order yours from Indiegogo.


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  • PICISIcom·

    congratulations, we would love to have products like that on our platform (after we launch)

  • Bearerofbadnews·

    This product will only work in the U.S. through the end of next year, the 2G networks this is designed for (European mindset) are already going down. They either are innocently unaware of this fact or have chosen not to disclose it.

  • techgeek·

    Sounds like great product. Would love to try one of them.

    @Bearerofbadnews WTF are you talking about .

  • techgeek·

    Sounds like my dream product can you it for too many purposes, would love to try one of this .

    @Bearerofbadnews WTF are you talking about ...

  • solitude·

    A company that you list on your site SmartTracker2 ran with everyone's money, over 400,000 USD. Maybe Wareable should consider rewriting this article or make it very clear that this company as well as the people who started it are crooks e.g. Julien Buschor (Founder), Arnaud Levis (Marketing Director), Michael Seymour (Co-Founder), François Brandt (Chief Technology Officer), Sylvain Gantin (Creative Director), Alexandre Methiaz (Electronics Engineering Lead), Florence Russell (R&D Manager), Isaac Felman (Social Media Manager).

    As is, this article looks only to recommend this product and the people behind it when it really should be about how people use crowdfunding services such as indiegogo to rip people off.

    Lastly, it's not only the group behind smarttracker 2 that should be held accountable but the companies that allow for this type of thing to happen on their platform. I've contacted Indiegogo about this problem and what they've done plainly and without empathy is tell us and other people to direct our questions to the campaigner.

  • parlakkilics·

    Hi dear. 

    I was ordered 1.5 years ago. was INDIEGOGO so what's going on. You're having my information 

  • clementdupuis·

    Unfortunately, this project turned out to be a Scam.  None of the Indiegogo backers ever received their tracker.  It would be worth investigating what is happening.   I have tried contacting the campaign owner but got nothing back.  The worst is the fact that Indiegogo still have the campaign running even thou I have complained to them as well.  Maybe the media can do a better job than me at getting some answers.