Barclaycard launches new bPay band - still no Apple Pay for Barclays customers

Plus an NFC sticker, keyfob and refreshed app
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Apple Pay launches in the UK in July and every major bank has signed up to support the tech - apart from Barclays. The rebellious bank is betting on its own contactless payment system and has just refreshed its bPay wristband alongside an NFC sticker and a keyfob for wave-the-wrist payments.

The redesigned bPay band is pretty similar to last year's wearable but comes with new features. There's a new app and website for managing your money with options to change automatic top-ups for the Tube, view purchases and transfer money to your digital wallet from your Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card.

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Payments will be limited to £20 at launch but in September, the UK Card Association is raising the limit to £30 a go.

The bPay wearables are actually available to anyone with these UK registered cards at any banks, not just Barclays. And at £24.99 for the new band, £19.99 for the fob and £14.99 for the sticker, paying with bPay is a lot more affordable than buying an Apple Watch. Why Barclaycard isn't also striking a deal with NFC Android phones is curious but the sticker will do for now.

The bPay wearables will go on sale on the high street for the first time, oddly enough at shops including CycleSurgery, Runners Need and Snow + Rock from August. Odd because the bPay band looks like a fitness band but doesn't track activity. Stay tuned for our hands on with the new bPay wearables.

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