Xplora Go is a wearable that's built for pets, kids and the elderly

Dinky device can also be hooked onto luggage and bikes
Xplora Go wearable officially unveiled
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Xplora, the Norwegian company best known for its kids smartwatches has officially announced its new Go wearable that's designed for all ages.

We first heard about the Go back in August last year where it was known as the Module X. Along with a name change, Xplora has now announced pricing with the device starting at £69.99 with additional accessory bundles also available that start at £17.99. It will start going on sale in April.

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So what exactly does the Go do? Well, it's entirely based on which version you go for. At its core though is a smartwatch face, which packs in features like GPS, location tracking, an SOS button, geofenceable areas, Wi-Fi and network coverage.

The Go is designed for five specific use cases: children, the elderly, pets, bikes and items like suitcases and laptops. So in the case of the pet tracker for instance, it can monitor the whereabouts of your pet, while the version for the elderly can be used as an SOS button as a way of owners letting family members or carers know if they've had a fall. That's where those additional accessories come into play to make the core part of the device feel more personalised.

Xplora already offers smartwatches for children and its Care watch for the elderly, so those uses cases are not new territory for the company. But it will be interesting to see whether its reasonably priced wearable will appeal to pet and bike owners too.

The Go is going to be shown off at MWC 2019, which is not too far away now. We'll be there to learn a little bit more about how this potentially useful wearable works.