CES 2023: All the wearable tech announcements and trends

New watches, alternate realities and health innovations - it's all happening in Vegas
CES ces wearable tech preview 2023
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The slink into a new year represents the time to turn over a new leaf and look forward to the coming year - and that's exactly why CES is the perfect stall for the wearable industry's biggest companies to demo their latest wares.

Following a fairly tame, pandemic-influenced show in 2022, Las Vegas looks is rocking this time around. And while the halls and stages are already filled with chatter about all manners of upcoming tech, we're here to zero in on the wearable tech announcements and trends at CES 2023. 

This year, the show will officially take place from 5 - 8 January - though, as ever, all the key announcements have taken place during the preamble. And with the Wareable team on hand covering all the news that matters, we thought it'd only be right to round up what we've seen so far.

Wearable announcements from CES 2023

Movano Evie smart ring

Movanomovano ces 2023

While we technically got the Movano Evie ahead of CES 2023, the full reveal technically run during this year's show. 

We first caught a glance of Movano's ring in Las Vegas last year, so we're glad to finally see its release - we now have a much better idea of what it looks like, and we're expecting more details to land over the coming weeks and months regarding the app experience.

Aimed specifically at women, the ring tracks resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, respiration rate, skin temperature variability, period and ovulation tracking, menstrual symptom tracking, sleep stages and mood.

We also know that the Evie will be available in three colors - gold, rose gold and silver - while pricing (though not officially confirmed) is expected by the company to be less than $300. 

Fossil provides an updated hybrid smartwatch

WareableCES 2023 preview: All the wearable tech announcements and trends we're expecting photo 10

We expected Fossil to come to Las Vegas ready to drop the first Gen 7 Wear OS smartwatch - then perhaps even hand off the ball to brands such as Puma, Armani and Kate Spade.

Instead, we just got the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition

And while this wasn't necessarily the big product drop we wanted, it does at least give those in the market for a hybrid smartwatch a much-needed newer option to consider. 

While the premise is the same as we've seen with the company's 2020 Hybrid HR watches, meaning the E-Ink display is still located behind physical watch hands, it's been given a substantial overhaul for this model.

We think it now looks much more like a classic wristwatch - only one with the sneaky ability to track heart rate, blood oxygen, VO2 Max data and much more. 

Withings makes a splash

WareableCES 2023 preview: All the wearable tech announcements and trends we're expecting photo 11

Withings might win the award for coming up with the most prototypical CES announcement from the 2023 show - announcing the U-Scan connected urine tracker to the world. 

Sitting inside your toilet bowl, the puck-shaped device aims to provide analysis of biomarkers relating to hydration, ketone and vitamin C levels, as well as females' menstrual cycles. 

Withings even indicates it can make dietary suggestions through the analysis. 

It's fairly genius, all told, even if it's not quite the connected health innovation we were expecting from the company when we made our 23 tech predictions for 2023

This one is slated to arrive in Q2 2023 for $499.

Citizen returns to Wear OS

WareableCES 2023 preview: All the wearable tech announcements and trends we're expecting photo 7

We weren't really counting on Citizen providing any goods at CES - and, if we're honest, at all in 2023 - but the watchmaker surprised us all by announcing its second-gen CZ Smart.

It's not just another run-of-the-mill Wear OS 3 smartwatch, either, instead being built around a 'self-care advisor' that uses IBM Watson-powered AI learning to establish patterns of fatigue and alertness.

We're looking forward to testing this one out when it arrives in March, though the price is currently scarce.

Valencell shows off blood pressure innovation

WareableCES 2023 preview: All the wearable tech announcements and trends we're expecting photo 9

Simplified blood pressure readings are a hot topic in the wearable space currently, and Valencell moved the conversation on considerably at this year's show, debuting the world's first cuffless sensor.

The unnamed fingertip blood pressure monitor is still pending FDA approval, but the company is expecting it to clear later this year and then release for around $99. 

We're expecting similar technology, all being well, to appear in the likes of smartwatches between now and then, too, but this is certainly good news for those ready to ditch the cuff.

LG sleep earbuds can read your brain

WareableCES 2023 preview: All the wearable tech announcements and trends we're expecting photo 8

If Withings' urine analyzer wasn't enough of a classic CES announcement for you, get ready for the LG Breeze - a pair of sleep earbuds designed to help you get a better night's kip.

The company explained how the buds use brainwave-tuned sound, with the use of different frequencies on each side said to induce a sleep-specific state in the brain. 

The Breeze can even adapt these sounds based on EEG signals in order to aid slumber, and they'll be arriving first in Korea. If they make it to other regions in 2023, we'd be keen to test these out.

PlayStation VR 2 looks prime to deliver

Even prior to CES 2023, there was very little we didn't know about the VR headset. Ahead of its release next month, however, we did get some final details regarding the second-gen system. 

Sony noted that Gran Turismo 7 will be available as a free upgrade to the PS5 game on launch day - joining 29 other titles - while Beat Saber was also announced as coming to the headset.

Unfortunately, we currently don't have a release date for that one.

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