And finally: Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ edition is now available

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Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ lands
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A mighty hello to all you lovely people out there who just want a little bit more wearable tech news. And guess what? We can help make that happen.

We know you've already caught up on the headline news to find out out about a LG's new hybrid Wear OS smartwatch, new rumors about a new Huawei watch with big specs and news that Garmin watches are getting some Spotify love.

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So we are going to get into some of the smaller stories that didn't quite make the cut. But we still think you should hear about them. If you're all about VR and AR, be sure to check out weekly round-up of news in this week's instalment of Field of View.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ edition lands

And finally: Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ launches

After the Watch Series 4 went on sale in September, Apple is ready to roll out the special editions. So now you can pick up the Watch Series 4 Nike+ edition too.

What's the difference? Well, like previous Nike edition instalments, not a huge deal, but there should be a few things that runners might have some time for. Like the Nike-branded watch faces with the Nike+ Training Club app pre-installed giving you quick access to customized workouts and training plans.

Then there are the new Watch straps with a new Nike Sport Loop band that now includes a reflective yarn to improve visibility for those nighttime running sessions.

Aside from that, it's all the same features as the standard Series 4 including those new size options, bigger displays, improved crown, GPS and LTE models and an ECG sensor to unlock serious health tracking.

While it is now available to buy, it looks like there might be a bit of a wait for it to turn up if you're ordering it from Apple's online store. Shipping is listed for most models as 3-4 weeks.

Fitbit Alta HR data leads to murder charge

And finally: last one

Data from a Fitbit device helped lead to a murder charge for a man who is accused of killing his stepdaughter. 67-year old Karen Navarra was found dead at her home by a co-worker and after an investigation by police, which included reviewing data from Navarra's Fitbit Alta HR that she was wearing on her left wrist.

The accused, 90-year old Anthony Aiello (Navarra's stepfather) is believed to have visited Navarra's home with the Alta HR showing that the heart rate data spiked followed by a sudden slowing minutes later. This change in HR activity is said to coincide with the time of Aiello's is said to have been present.

This isn't the first (and certainly won't be the last) time we hear about wearables providing crucial in police investigations as they prove to be valuable in a way we're sure the likes of Fitbit never expected they would be.


Frederique Constant watches head up into the clouds

And finally: last one

The Swiss watchmaker was one of the first from the traditional watch fraternity to smarten up its watches and now it's giving owners of its sleek hybrids like the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture an alternative way to check up on their data.

Frederique Constant has a new cloud service that can be accessed from your computer as a web portal. From there you can view fitness tracking data in greater detail and acts as a hub for all mobile apps that are compatible with its hybrids. It also means you can now able to connect the watches to third party apps like Strava, Fitbit and Runkeeper to view data in those apps if the company's MMT-365 and Hybrid apps don't quite do it for you.

All of the data is said to be securely stored on servers in Switzerland that the watch brand says offers customers ‚Äúthe best privacy protection‚ÄĚ.