7digital is working with Peex and its wearable-powered music platform

Streaming music service gets in on the augmented audio action
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Remember 7digital? The UK-based music company that used to have partnership with a little company called Spotify but nowadays is more concerned with high-res audio? Well, it's offering a helping hand courtesy of a partnership with a new platform that lets concert goers create their own mixes of live performances.

The three-year deal with Powerchord will see 7digital provide technology and reporting services for Peex and the Relive part of its platform. The wearable-centric piece of the puzzle is called Peex Live and incorporates a wearable receiver called the rx that along with a set of earbuds and an app enables users to become their own mix engineers.

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Peex will work with artists taking audio feeds from their production, which is then separated into a multi-channel mix that is transmitted to the audience. The Peex rX is able to pick up the signal of the mix transmitted and using the companion app personalise the live sound using a five-channel mixer all in real-time.

7digital's plays its part by helping Peex offer the ability to download tracks from concerts in the five-channel mix after the performance. The music service does already provide a store for purchasing high resolution audio music downloads.

The Peex tech has already been tested at 60 live shows at 14 venues and is set to launch in the UK, US and Europe soon. The rx wearable, which will support the ability for users to use their own headphones, will go on pre-sale later in the summer.

It's not the first time we've heard about wearables trying to offer augmented audio at live events. Hearable startup no more Doppler Labs put its augmenting audio Here One smart earbuds to use at Coachella to showcase the potential of letting music fans have better control of what they can hear.

Will Peex have more luck selling augmented audio to the live music-loving masses? Clearly 7digital sees massive potential in it and hopefully it won't be too long before we can find out how well Peex actually works.

Source: Music Week

7digital is working with Peex and its wearable-powered music platform

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