HTC Vive Focus Plus will launch this April for an eye-watering price

The Plus will offer controllers with six degrees of freedom
Vive Focus Plus launches April
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Last November, when HTC announced its standalone Vive Focus headset was coming to the West, we said that a better one was coming.

Well, a better one cometh: HTC has confirmed it's launching the new Vive Focus Plus on 15 April. The Plus comes with updated controllers, better lenses, an updated headset - and a $799 price tag. Ouch.

That makes it $200 more than the existing Vive Focus. However, like the Focus, the Focus Plus is being pitched to the commercial space rather than at consumers. So unless you have a business use case for it, this one's not really meant for you, neither is the Vive Enterprise Advantage package for businesses that HTC is selling alongside the headset for $149.99.

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The biggest change over the Vive Focus is those controllers: whereas the Vive Focus controller supports three degrees of freedom - everything rotates on a single spot; pitch, yaw, and roll - the Vive Plus supports six degrees, which means they support depth of movement, so they can be fully tracked around the room.

HTC Vive Focus Plus will launch this April for an eye-watering price

As for the headset, there are new fresnel lenses designed to reduce the screen door effect. Otherwise it's really more of a tweak with a bit more weight distribution across the forehead - presumably making it more comfortable to wear. It's the same 2880 x 1600 AMOLED display as the standard Vive Focus.

HTC does have a consumer-friendly standalone headset - the Vive Cosmos - coming later this year, but if you can't wait then we'd recommending checking out the Oculus Quest when it launches this spring. Facebook's alternative has a $399 price tag and is designed as a gaming, consumer-friendly system. The company is also launching the Oculus Rift S in the spring, also for $399, which is designed as an improved version of the tethered Rift.