Luna is the world's smallest 360 degree video camera

Pocket-sized shooter lets you create immersive videos on the cheap
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If you don't fancy spending the big bucks on Nokia's OZO camera, Luna is a significantly cheaper alternative to cast your eye over instead.

The Luna, which is roughly the same size of a pool ball, promises 360-degree video in Full HD in just two clicks.

It's all done by using two 190-degree fish-eye lenses to create a 1920 x 960 resolution video at 30fps. And that's all without the need for any extra cables or a camera rig.

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There's a 9-axial gyroscope on board to prevent footage from becoming a stuttering mess and it's even IP68 certified waterproof, so you can chuck it in the water to film.

Built-in Wi-Fi means you can quickly share footage or live stream video, while 32GB of internal storage means there's a decent amount of room for your pictures and video.

Other features include a 5-megapixel camera for stills, a microphone to pick up the sound and it has a magnetic base to hook it up to a host of accessories. The rechargeable battery should get you around 40 minutes of footage before you need to reach for the charger as well.

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There's a Luna companion app that'll let you live preview video from your iPhone and it also includes a VR mode so you can use it with Google Cardboard.

Memora, the company behind the Luna, is trying to raise funds on Indiegogo with pre-orders for the device starting as low as $249 for the Early Bird pledge. Shipping of the Luna is expected for October of 2016, so you'll have to wait just under a year to play with one.

Luna is the world's smallest 360 degree video camera


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