Asus unveils its futuristic Windows Mixed Reality headset

IFA 2017: You’ll have to shell out for that nifty design

Asus has joined the IFA scrum by officially unveiling its Windows Mixed Reality headset. The device will form part of the group of headsets made in collaboration with Microsoft, with Lenovo soon expected to to join Dell, Acer and HP, who have already revealed their devices.

And out of those whose cards have been laid on the table, the Asus device would appear to be on the more unique end of the spectrum from a design perspective. The company has added a fancy polygonal 3D cover panel to the front of the headset, while also supporting six degrees of freedom tracking without sensors present.

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The device also weighs under a pound and offers 3K resolution, with the Taiwanese giant looking to make it available later this year for €449. When converted, that translates to roughly $535.

As we know, uninhibited, inside-out tracking experience is something Microsoft has pushed for during this broad foray into hardware, though initially this will apply to virtual reality, despite the mixed reality branding.

So, while the Asus headset is set up for the future, for now it's best at competing with the likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. And with Microsoft supporting SteamVR content, this puts it in direct competition with the two heavyweight of the platform.

What's interesting, though, is the disparity between the Asus price point and that of Dell's, which is tagged at $359.99 and also offers a package with two controllers for $100 more. Asus noted at its press conference there are controllers for the headset — which appears to be standard practice for this slew of Microsoft headsets — though it didn't reference any bundle or individual pricing.

And continuing the mysterious theme, while we now know the device is coming and what it will look like, a firm release date has not yet been pinned. Stay tuned for more details.

Asus' Windows Mixed Reality headset is coming later this year

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