Acer's OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality headset offers new group-friendly design

IFA 2018: The new VR headset brings integrated headphones and detachable parts
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Acer has used Berlin's IFA tech expo to announce a new version of its Windows Mixed Reality headset, the OJO 500.

The VR headset, which launches roughly a year after the initial Acer Mixed Reality Headset, offers design improvements through a detachable design, with the company indicating the new modularity was chosen to further its use in the likes of museums and businesses.

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Since the device's lens and head strap can now be taken off and cleaned, it's now much easier to keep hygienic when you're sharing it with friends. The OJO 500 comes with both a hard, halo-like head strap, like its predecessor, though this now comes with built-in headphones. And if the plastic shell and on-ear sound isn't for you, a machine-washable soft strap can also be attached, leaving sound to funnel out of what Acer is calling a "sound pipe".

In terms of specs, the company notes that the device features a 100-degree field of view through its twin 2.89-inch LCD displays (offering a pixel resolution of 2880 x 1440), while the distance between the screen and people's eyes can also be adjusted using the interpupillary distance wheel.

As the video above shows, this is a somewhat refined design approach than what we saw through last year's headset, with some helpful aspects also retained. The lid of the headset can still be flipped up, for example, letting you get a look at your real-world surroundings without completely taking off the device.

Like last year, Acer says that the new headset will be available in both the US and Europe from November for $399. That once again puts it in direct competition with the Oculus Rift and original HTC Vive, from a price perspective. Stay tuned for our hands-on to get an idea of whether it's able to justify the price tag.

Acer's OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality headset offers new group-friendly design

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