Dial is a smart bracelet that raises the alarm when you're lost out at sea

GPS-packing wearable designed by Philippe Starck can come to the rescue on land too
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Iconic French designer Philippe Starck is flexing his designer skills with tech once again. This time, it's for a wearable that could well end up saving people's lives.

Starck was commissioned by the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (the French voluntary coastguard organisation) to develop a device that can help aid anyone that gets stuck out at sea.

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Dial, which stands for Individual Alert and Localization Device, takes the form of a flexible and highly resistant waterproof bracelet that houses GPS to help share location data when the surface of the wearable is pressed. The setup also comes with a multi-operator SIM card that can be used in 36 countries in Europe to widen the locations you can transmit a continuous GPS position from.

When the button is pressed, it launches an alert that's reported in the wearable's companion app on your phone. It can send out an email to the Operational Rescue and Rescue Center (CROSS) including a link to view the alert on a map to help aid a speedy rescue. The video above, which is in French, does give you a better idea of how it'll work and the kind of scenarios it could prove useful in.

While Dial is primarily designed for boaters and water sports fans who like to go solo, it does have the ability to work with emergency services on land, too. The SNSM also sees value in parents using it to locate their children if they go wandering off on the beach.

Other details worth mentioning is that waterproofing is up to 10 metres deep, but it's not considered suitable for divers. It also has a maximum battery life of 12 hours and that's based on using it in normal mode with data feedback every minute.

The Dial wearable is available to buy from SNSM's website for €119, which works out to roughly . That gets you the beacon, bracelet, charging cable, charger and a multi-operator subscription for 80 hours of use. That subscription can be topped up through individual packs.

We've already seen the likes of Apple and Samsung begin to embrace safety features on its own devices. Having something that can now keep you safe in the watery depths is definitely something we can get on board with.

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Dial is a smart bracelet that raises the alarm when you're lost out at sea

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