​Timex Ironman One GPS+ hits pre-order in the US on AT&T

Giant running watch just the ticket for hardcore triathletes
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With so many running watches and fitness bands on the market today, it can often be hard for brands to stand out from the crowd. But Timex seems to have done a good job with its latest tech timepiece, cramming in GPS and 3G to the Ironman One GPS+.

And AT&T has just announced that the monster sports watch pre-orders will kick off on 7 November.

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The Ironman One GPS+, as the name suggests, is aimed at hardcore athletes and will track runs, cycles and swims. It's by no means a looker, with a dated design and bulky build that may put some off, but it’s really what’s underneath that sets this watch apart.

Packing both GPS and 3G, along with a whole year of connectivity thrown in for good measure, the sports focused Ironman One is also water-resistant up to a whopping 150-foot.

Integrating GPS means more accurate tracking, which is important for reviewing your training and races.

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There’s also a nifty SOS mode that beams out safety messages if you happen to somehow find yourself in a spot of bother.

Along with improved connectivity options, the $400 watch includes 4GB of internal storage for storing those pumping tunes and it’ll last around eight hours with GPS turned on. Turn it off and you can stretch the juice out to three days.

Up front there’s an always-on Qualcomm Mirasol 1.5-inch touchscreen, which should give you decent visibility even in bright sunlight and the unit is powered by a Qualcomm processor.

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Unlike other smartwatches on the market, the One GPS+ can’t display notifications from your phone, though it can send emails to synced contacts thanks to the 3G chip. There’s even an absurd mini keyboard for typing.

If you fancy picking up this connected running watch then it’ll be available for $399 from 7 November, on AT&T, including a year's worth of data as mentioned.

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