Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

Our fave Google Fit-compatible fitness apps, health apps and wearables

Google Fit wasn't much to write home about when it first appeared in 2014, which made the subsequent lack of updates all the more frustrating. But finally, in 2018, Google has overhauled the platform with a new look and some new features.

Google wants to improve Fit alongside the next wave of Wear OS smartwatches, and one of the ways it's doing that is in how it presents your health data: The new Google Fit puts less emphasis on steps, and more on Move Minutes and Heart Points ‚Äď new metrics that grant better insight into how those steps are actually impacting your body.

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But still, Google Fit is mainly focused on collecting stats ‚Äď activity, sleep, weight, and so on ‚Äď rather than providing a comprehensive, all-in-one overview of your health and medical records, as Apple Health is trying to do, and as Fitbit is aspiring to. It collects these stats by sucking them in from a bevy of services and apps.

Getting started with Google Fit-compatible apps and services can be a bit tough though, so we've sifted through them to pick some of our favourites. And don't forget, the Google Fit app on Android is free and uses the sensors in your phone or wearable to track your progress. While you can add activities manually, plugging in the following apps or gadgets can also get the job done.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Best Google Fit apps


The running and cycling tracking app is one of the best social fitness experiences you can get, and its data can be automatically shared with Google Fit. Set up the connection inside the app to see details of your workouts next to your step data and activity logs.



Your wellbeing and fitness aren't just physical. Instant realizes that, and integrates a whole bunch of other types of fitness into Google Fit. You'll get things like app usage and travel time and how much time you spend at home and work. You'll get a full picture of your entire life.


Google Calendar

34 essentials apps and devices that work with Google Fit

You're no doubt familiar with Google Calendar already, but we're including it here because the app has Google Fit integration for its goals feature ‚Äď so if you set an exercise goal (like a daily run) in Calendar, you can then automatically track your progress in Fit.


7 Minute Workout

An app that does exactly what it says on the tin, providing customised, step-by-step workouts that last for seven minutes (and now Google Fit integration). If you want to get fit but you're not sure how to go about it, then 7 Minute Workout is a good place to start.



The most obvious option if you're looking to keep tabs on periods and ovulation on Android, Glow is a well-designed app packed with features and has been developed with help from fertility health experts. The Google Fit integration is a welcome bonus.


Instant Heart Rate

You don't necessarily need an expensive chest strap or smartwatch to track your heart rate, because this clever little app can do the job using your phone's camera: it uses the lens to detect how fast the blood is flowing under the skin of your fingertips.



best google fit apps

And… relax. Calm focuses on meditation, sleeping and relaxing to make sure your body is running at its optimum level for most of the time. There are a choice of meditation guides to choose from as well as some premium options if you don't mind paying a little extra.


Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is pretty much your best option for sleep tracking in Google Fit right now ‚Äď Fit itself has only just been updated to accept this type of data, and Sleep as Android will pipe all of your logged slumber times straight into it to combine with your other stats.


Daily Yoga

If you're looking for a way to better centre yourself, or just bring yourself some more flexibility, Daily Yoga is a good choice. There are over 50 yoga plans available for you to take part in, and video classes from world famous yoga teachers.


Lose it!

This rather aggressively titled app is dedicated to helping you lose weight as quickly as possible, helping you set calorie 'budgets' and track what you're eating every day. With Google Fit integration all of that useful data can be piped between the two apps as well.


Google Fit smartwatches

Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

Here's the thing, all Wear OS smartwatches work with Google Fit. If you've got a smartwatch running Wear OS 2.0, you'll have access to the brand new Google Fit app for Wear OS.

So you'll get to see all your Move Minutes and such right there on your wrist. You can even go ahead and download the Google Fit activity rings watch face, which will keep your activity within quick access.

Even better, if your smartwatch is all updated, you'll be able to access Google Fit with a quick swipe. From your watch face, swipe to the right to see your Google Fit activity rings. You'll be prompted to tap to sign in to Google Fit with your Google account. Once you do, you're all set up.

For a while, Wear OS smartwatches were segmented between the Fossil brand of fashion-first smartwatches and everyone else. This is slowly changing as Fossil has embraced things like heart rate sensors to become better sporty devices.

While there are still some devices that offer more features, whether it be GPS or NFC, than others, for the most part they all tap into Google Fit the same way. It's all up to your style and affordability preferences.

Google Fit fitness trackers

Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

Alright, so fitness trackers don't have an easy way to access Google Fit as Wear OS smartwatches do, but there are still some fitness trackers that you can use with Google Fit.

Surprisingly, the best of them are made by Huawei and Xiaomi. The Huawei Band 2 Pro is packed to the gills with features, including GPS and heart rate, and is a stylish wrist band that's compatible with Google Fit.

There's also the newer, and far more popular, Xiaomi Mi Band 3. If you're looking for a very affordable fitness tracker that's also sporting a ton of features, the Mi Band 3 is the one to look for.

To get these fitness trackers working with Google Fit, you're going to have to lean on their companion apps. While you're in them, there'll be a way to connect to Google Fit. The same goes for Withings, which doesn't currently have any fitness trackers but will at some point. The Withings Health Mate app is also compatible with Google Fit, which naturally means it'll feed all that info into the service.

Other devices that work with Google Fit

Withings Body Cardio

Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

Withings Body Cardio is one of the more beloved smart scales out there. Not only does it keep track of your weight, it keeps track of BMI, fat mass, muscle mass and even water weight. Up to 8 users can track their metrics and, well, this thing looks gorgeous.

$149.95, | Amazon

Polar Balance

Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

The great thing about the Polar Balance is that it supports up to 10 individual profiles, so if you've got a big household (or are running a hotel) you're in luck. It'll give you your weight and body mass index, and funnel them into the Polar Flow app, which you can connect to Google Fit. You can also link it to your smartphone or Polar Loop band to compare your weight to your activity.

$99.95, | Amazon


If your favourite Google Fit compatible app isn't included, let us know using the comments below and make sure you check out our guide to getting started with Google Fit.


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  • pravin·

    about senior citizan there is no details,, about there walk everyday, about there  walk record & about health suggestion or guidline  you do this

  • jwalantsoneji·

    Off the topic, there is lack of applications which can log Yoga and other forms of exercises well.. like MapMyFitness has Yoga logging but limited.. there's no way I can add my yoga type in there too..  The one I am particularly interested in is Surya Namaskar..

  • estebans·

    Aqualert is another great app with google fit integration!!

  • lioman·

    There is no correct link for runkeeper.

  • GooglePresident·

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    • ApplePrsidant·

      @GooglePresident , are you done?, are you work on my prajects now?

  • wattsnb·

    What this feature does not tell you is that if you use an Android Wear watch, when you track steps without the phone on your person, as soon as you sync the watch to the phone the phone step counter will over write the watch step counter.  So you can do a long walk of say 4000 steps counted on your watch, sync up when you get back and see those 4000 steps disappear.  Sort this out Google.  It's a disgrace.  Samsung can manage it with their S Health app and devices so get your sh1t together.

  • dale·

    I have 3 devices with both apps loaded - HTC M7, Galaxy S5, Nexus 10. All running lollipop. All set to sync both ways. But still can't see Mapmyfitness data on Fit.

  • ivanc·

    I currently own a Nexus 6 and a Moto 360 and I began using Fit to track my daily exercises. The step counting is great with both of these but I had a question about using the Xiaomi Mi Band. The latest update says it integrates well with Fit but my question is how exactly will the syncing of steps cooperate if I am wearing both my Moto 360 and the Mi Band? Will the steps double up or will Fit recognize the steps taken and only add the difference?


  • JMO1107·

    A lot of people at work have different step counting devices, e.g Fit Bit, Garvin,  , and I want to start a competition.  Is there an app that can be linked to all these so everyone can see everyone's progress? 

  • SeVit·

    About Google Fit integration: Cheap Xiaomi Mi Band has one, but my pricey Garmin Vivofit & Vivosmart has not ;(

  • ozaz·

    Any chance of an updated version of this article? - seems out of date (e.g. no mention of Xiaomi Mi Band)

    Seems to me this article will need to be updated every couple of months

  • MrBrady·

    Does anyone know of sleep tracking apps that integrate with Google Fit, except Sleep As Android?

  • peagreen·

    My wife and I will typically load up the tandem with picnic lunch and dog, cycle somewhere, walk the dog, cycle somewhere else. Possibly use public transport for a stretch and then walk or cycle some more.
    I don't want to be motivated by an app. 

I don't want to share with anybody. 

I just want to track my trips and for the app to tell me how much we walked, how much we cycled and how much we rode in bus/car/train. This can be extrapolated from speeds: 0.01 to 6kph = walking, 6 to 30kph = cycling, >30kph = motorised.
    Any suggestions for an app that does this?

  • peagreen·

    My wife and I will typically load up the tandem with picnic lunch and dog, cycle somewhere, walk the dog, cycle somewhere else. Possibly use public transport for a stretch and then walk or cycle some more.
    I don't want to be motivated by an app. ‚Ä®

    I don't want to share with anybody. ‚Ä®

    I just want to track my trips and for the app to tell me how much we walked, how much we cycled and how much we rode in bus/car/train. This can be extrapolated from speeds: 0.01 to 6kph = walking, 6 to 30kph = cycling, >30kph = motorised.
    Any suggestions for an app that does this?

    • profi248·

      Maybe try Moves

  • NotThatD·

    The search title for this page is absolute bs. If you're looking for devices... this page will not give you that information. 

    • j.stables·

      It's called "the best Google Fit apps", not devices. I don't know why you'd leave this comment. I am baffled.

      • 9383838383·

        To be fair....when this page turns up in Google search results, it does indeed say "The best Google Fit compatible apps and devices"...

  • albie·

    nice post about best fitness trackers .. keep posting regularly

  • Marco·

    Polar Beat integrates with Google Fit.  You can purchase a chest strap heart rate monitor from them or just log your exercises; it covers running, hiking, sports, rowing, and even has strength training and "other" listed as a catch all.

    • itsjustcause·

      I have not been able to get my data from Polar Beat to sync with Google Fit. Have you had success?

  • Dbjx·

    I didn't see misfit on the list.  Can I sync my misfit shine and Samsung S health into Google fit app

    • beepbeep·

      I use a Misfit and it syncs with Google Fit just fine.

      • thefencechild·

        Can you tell me how you are? I can't find the option to anywhere

  • keljo·

    Just a heads up - the Withings Go will NOT sync to/from Google Fit with the Withings Health Mate app.  (Found this out after purchasing one and then going back and forth with support until they finally told me this)

  • egiarette·

    It'd be really nice if FitBit could integrate with Fit. I just hate the look of FitBit's app and love the simplicity of Google Fit

    • MartinT·

      So you're my exact opposite. I would like to use Fitbit platform (web and app), but fill it with data from Android wear instead of Fitbit tracker. I really love their ecosystem and haven't found anything even close to it for Android wear.

      • Kei·

        And I love both, but I hate that they cant sync between each other :/

      • Dkeener81·

        @MartinT I'm on the same page as you. I have a gear fit 2. Got it for free when I got my new galaxy. I love all the functionality (especially the Pear app) but miss the group challenges with all my fitbit friends. Even found myself wearing both lately.

  • andrew90·

    How does sleep with android connect with google fit? I see no sleep related information at all available on the google fit dashboard. Same goes for "Exercise Tracker: Wear Fitness" this claims to connect with google fit and store weightlifting exercises. Weight lifting doesn't show up in the dashboard even though the app has synced

  • scarlett96·

    I would like SHEALTH to link with Google Fit. I end up having to double enter data as Google Fit has function I like but so does SHealth. 

  • Rockhorsepark·

    Instant heart rate is a neat app, which does not integrate in any way, with anything, including Google Fit.

  • troyhicks·

    samsung gear fit 2

  • Kiolol·

    ik wil Google fit gebruiken met mijn guardo fit coach apparaat en lukt niet

  • Mmaree·

    hi. I currently use veryfit 2.0 as it is the only app my bfit move tracker can sync with. I want to use google fit. Can you assist me in syncing the apps?

  • Toaks·

    samsung gear fit 2- when will shealth be able to sync with gogle fit without paying for the health sync subscription?

  • dpdiet·


    I would love to see Google Fit sync with Fitbit. This would be awesome.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • zee146·

    If you can add HPlus watches and app too please

  • Druza·

    Good Day, I am struggling to sync Google fit with Onetouch Move for my Alcatel Go watch and Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Please assist. 

  • Rumba-amici·

    i en y yo conecto si tu Alcatel Kobe Rouge move

  • Yael·

    looking for a arm wireless blood pressure monitor that works with google fit. Thanks