Polar Flow updated with open water swimming and social features

Improvements to Polar app includes manual entry and social comparisons

The Polar Flow app and the flagship Polar V800 GPS watch now support open water swimming, providing support for triathlon trainers and sea swimmers alike.

Being able to compare your results against planned targets is another feature now available for the high end Polar V800, the M400 and the budget A300. Having the option to check progress compared to your overall goal is great motivation and will be a welcome addition to the app.

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Manual input for the training diary section on the app is also new, giving users the choice to add information about duration, heart rate, pace and other information. Polar already supports HRM chest straps as well as Google Fit and Apple Health but there's no harm in adding another way to make sure every last step and stroke is counted.

Lastly, but arguably most interestingly is the inclusion of social training on the Flow software. This means you can follow your training buddies, share your workouts and use the feed to catch up on how you friends are doing.

It's great to see app support for Polar Flow, especially with additions that aim to improve the experience for all their customers. Whether it be users of their free app or owners of their flagship V800, everyone can benefit from these small but useful additions.

Do you use any Polar products? Will these new features improve your workout? Let us know in the comments below.


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