NHL signs up for wearable concussion monitoring

X2 Biosystems ICE system to be used by all 30 teams
Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders
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The NHL has signed up with Seattle based X2 Biosystems to kit out all 30 teams with the company's Integrated Concussion Evaluation (ICE) system.

X2 ICE is the world’s first fully integrated, cloud-based concussion management software system and ticks all the boxes from the SCAT-2, SCAT-3, and NFL concussion assessment protocols used by the medical teams who treat the athletes on the sidelines.

The X2 system provides real time information to analyse post-injury deficiencies that help to determine if a concussion has been suffered or not.

It's a system already used by the NFL, MLS, Premiership rugby and the US Army.

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"A collaborative effort with the NHL's medical leadership was key to the project's success and allowed us to create an application specifically tailored to the league's needs," explained Ed Mlinek, X2's chief of clinical affairs.

"The resulting application embodies the NHL's specific medical protocols and can be further customised as the league's concussion protocols continue to evolve."

The likes of Reebok and Kickstarter-funded Jolt are also offering real-time impact assessment systems and it's clearly an area that will see a lot of cross-over between medical and consumer technologies.


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