​New Myzone MZ-Switch HRM blends ECG and optical HR so you can wear it anywhere

Track from your chest, wrist or arm
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Myzone has launched a new HR tracker that uses both ECG and optical PPG sensors.

The modular design is designed to be placed anywhere on the body, and uses both sensor types to maximise flexibility.

The Myzone MZ-Switch can be placed as a chest strap, or attached to the upper arm or wrist, depending on the type of exercise you’re doing. It comes with three different strap choices so you can unclip from one and attach to another.

It follows devices such as the Wahoo Tickr Fit, Polar Verity Sense and Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0.

It’s the first time we’ve seen both types of technology used on a single sensor, and offers users more choice about tracking their workouts.

Chest strap vs optical PPG sensors on the wrist has been widely debated since heart rate tracking landed on consumer wearables.

The issue is that optical sensors struggle on the wrist, where excessive movement and flexing of the wrist can cause huge accuracy problems during workouts.

However, chest straps using EKG are uncomfortable to wear, and can have their own accuracy issues.


The Myzone MZ-Switch can connect via Bluetooth and ANT+, which means it’s good to hook up to your smartphone or GPS sports watch.

And you can store 36 hours of workout data on the strap before it’s synced, so you can take it into the pool or your Crossfit class without having an extra device in range.

It’s fully waterproof and will track heart rate in the water, and in fact, Myzone recommends switching placement to the wrist PPG option for swim tracking.

There’s plenty of battery life too, although it’s highly dependent on how you use it. Myzone says you’ll get 3-6 months depending on use. However, it depends how much you use the energy-sapping PPG. You get 35 hours of PPG tracking, which if used exclusively, would get you 2 months with 4 workouts a week.

Myzone has made a name for itself in the gym space, by allowing users of the app to collect points for workouts, which are weighted by effort. It enables whole classes to compete regardless of physical fitness, and motivate users to push themselves, rather than become disheartened that they're not as fast/strong/fit as others.

However, individual users can still use app for solo training. The Myzone MZ-Switch will be available for from the Myzone store.

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