MyZone connected t-shirt wants a piece of your heart

Smart sports garment goes live at London’s Wearable Technology Show
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MyZone has made it easier than ever to tap into its personal bpm platform by integrating the heart rate monitor into a training top. The MyZone compression top, part of a new series of smart sports garments, has just been unveiled at the Wearable Tech Show in London.

We at Wareable are big fans of the MyZone platform. We gave the MZ-3 heart rate monitoring chest strap 4 stars when we reviewed it in late 2015, and the connected t-shirt puts that technology front and centre.

Instead of a chest strap, users will simply have to slip on the new training top, and clip the MZ-3 sensor right in. MyZone already had a sports bra version for the ladies on sale offering the same setup.

Made from a quick-drying and sweat-proof fabric, the new t-shirt is designed to be worn as an under layer in colder weather, or as a standalone top layer.

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The top is packed with electrodes to send the hear rate data straight to the module.

The idea behind MyZone is a simple one. You train with the sensor - whether that be running, rowing, swimming, cycling, a session in the gym or whatever other activity gets your heart pumping - and you earn points based on your bpm.

However, rather than simply scoring highly based on a big reading, the platform studies a user over time and handicaps their levels - of which there are five, all colour coded - depending on their statistics.

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The new training top is available in red to begin with, priced at £79.99 - but more colours will arrive soon.

The MyZone MZ-3 itself costs £129.99. There's also a MyZone MZ-50 Watch (£99.99) that can be paired with the MZ-3 to provide live stats during workouts.

MyZone connected t-shirt wants a piece of your heart

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