Superior is the first actvitiy tracker for stand up paddle boarders

Glide like a pro
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Wearables for water sports aren't a big thing yet, but Motionize is hoping to change that by launching the Superior Tracker, which it claims to be the first activity tracker for stand-up paddle boarding.

We're often suspicious of companies claiming to be the "first", but having looked around we're willing to award Motionize the title here. The device is a 9-axis motion sensor that mounts to the paddle and monitors your technique, providing real time audio feedback to get you mastering those strokes and gliding like a pro.

The wearable coach will track your paddle entry angle, stroke count, distance per stroke and deliver results to your smartphone. It also monitors your calories burned and heart rate if you pair it with a chest strap.

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The new device builds on Motionize's existing tracker for kayaking, and is available now for $99 (we're waiting to get confirmation on UK pricing).

If you're a paddle boarder, or thinking of hopping on a board some time soon, this could be a winner - but we'll have to wait and try it ourselves before commenting on how effective it is. Motionize told us that stand up paddle boarding participation has increased by 120% in the US in the past three years, so maybe it's time we gave it a go.


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