​Mio Pears up with real-time training app

Two partnerships in a week shows that Mio means business
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Mio has partnered up with Pear Sports, enabling its heart rate tracking devices to be used with the real time coaching app.

The Mio Fuse can now connect to the Pear Sports app via Bluetooth and feed biometric data into the mix. Pear will then use this data as part of its 500 live coaching sessions.

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The Mio Fuse is now being sold bundled with a three month subscription to Pear on Amazon.

It remains to be seen how much biometric data is taken into consideration by Pear, but there's plenty of potential. Tapping into heart rate data can prevent overtraining and boost the efficiency of sessions, if used in the right way.

"More than steps counted or calories burned, your heart is the most accurate indicator of your fitness, so we're very excited to partner with Pear Sports' innovative coaching platform that uses heart rate as a key performance indicator," said Liz Dickinson, CEO of Mio Global.

This isn't the only partnership for Mio this week, and the company has also announced that it will join forces with FieldWiz – a pro sports tracking wearable.

This means that teams can track heart rate while also monitoring distance, speed, and acceleration with FieldWiz's GPS tracker. Working out metrics such as maximum velocity, heart rate, power output and heat-mapping on the field are now an essential part of pro sports training.

Source: Sport Techie

​Mio Pears up with real-time training app

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